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ACT Labs Performance Pedals Driver

ACT Labs Clutch Performance System ACT Labs does not leave it at that. They also have a highly advanced pedal set used with or without the. It seems it's finally come time to sell up my Act Labs wheel set as thanks to a PC blowup, I'm not getting any chance to drive at the moment - and. Converting to Compression Pedal-Return Springs on Act Labs Performance Pedals for Racing Games and never break a pedal spring again. Updated 4/26/05  ‎Why Replace the Springs? · ‎Parts List · ‎The Compression Spring.

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ACT Labs Performance Pedals Driver

Though replacement springs are available from Act Labs for now and the replacement procedure isn't terrible it's not ACT Labs Performance Pedals trivial process, howevermy second spring breakage convinced me to go through with fabricating this solution. The original Act Labs springs put all the pedal travel through bending just two coils of wire - perhaps less than four inches of spring steel doing all the bending. My converted spring uses at least 14 coils - putting all those throttle cycles through over two feet of spring steel.

ACT LABS - *Performance Pedal Potentiometer

Fatigue-based failure should be eliminated. I just discovered that Act Labs now makes the Performance Pedals with a single spring design, which they refer to as "New Style. However, ACT Labs Performance Pedals design still subjects the spring to far less fatigue over time, so I'm not inclined to convert back to their system at this point. Can you do this yourself?

This was accomplished primarily with common hand and power tools. I'm not a professional metal-worker, but have done quite a bit of fabrication for small personal ACT Labs Performance Pedals. I don't have a proper metal-working shop, and lack many useful large tools band saw, drill press. On many projects, including this one, I end up with less-than-perfect precision, partly due to limited tools, partly to lack of real training in the craft.

LFS Forum - FS: Act Labs gear for sale (Force RS, Perf Pedals, GPLShifter plus more)

However, I typically allow for this in my long planning process. If you're handy with working metal, you might be able to accomplish this. If not, perhaps you have a ACT Labs Performance Pedals who can help. Parts List not comprehensive I'm documenting this some time after construction, and I did not take notes at the time, so this is ACT Labs Performance Pedals rough list at best.

The spring rate from my original prototype springs 0.

ACT Labs Performance Pedals Drivers (2019)

My final design uses much heavier springs - even heavier for the throttle. I chose to internally guide ACT Labs Performance Pedals spring as opposed to encasing the spring in tubes, like a toilet-paper spindle. This is actually a pretty good solution - just enough stiffness to keep the spring aligned, and a nice natural lubricity that keeps the steel eye-bolt shaft quietly sliding.

It was tricky working out the appropriate geometries and lengths for all the parts. The guide shaft has to travel the full stroke of the pedal ACT Labs Performance Pedals "stacking" the spring, hitting the guide tube's end or the pedal base itself. The spring needs to have some "pre-load" at the full up position of the pedal, to provide some resistance and ensure that the throttle is completely closed.

For Sale: Act Labs Wheel, Performance Pedals & Shifter

The black cylinders visible between the washers at the bottom of the spring stacks are pieces of fuel hose used to help preload the springs - without them, the throttle and brake pedals would sometimes fail to to return to full top position. With more careful fabrication of the yoke, the holes could have been smaller. ACT Labs Performance Pedals

It's inside diameter I. This slider above and below serves two purposes: If you compare the "compression spring assemblies" photo above click it to see an larger view and the "full throttle" images below, you can see that this slider anchored to the spring by nylon wire ties moves from the top end of the Bic tube at full-closed throttle to about ACT Labs Performance Pedals down at full open throttle.

The yoke must not physically interfere with the pedal face, pedal arm or the case for its entire ACT Labs Performance Pedals.

The lower end of the guide shaft is where the bolt hex head was originally - the bolt head has been cut off and the end rounded ACT Labs Performance Pedals smoothed to slide back and forth within the pen tube with no resistance. When the pedal is at it's highest point, there needs to be adequate guide ACT Labs Performance Pedals within the guide tube to serve as a suitable guide - I think I've got from 1" to 1.

The excess thread length at the yoke end was cut off to prevent interference with the pedal. The shape of the yoke proved tricky, as I was determined to keep its entire 1" width for strength.

ACT Labs Performance Pedals I later crafted the brake pedal yoke see "detail of brake pedal yoke The throttle would have been fine with the lighter brake yoke design. A screw eye is glued into the end of each guide tube using epoxy see "detail ACT Labs Performance Pedals lower spring mounting eye" below to serve as a lower spring mounting eye. Because this joint is under compression, glue adhesion isn't a significant issue, it's mostly to keep it wobble-free and hold the bits together during assembly.

Small fender washers serve as spring seats so the springs have a square surface to bear their loads. For the bottom spring bracket, I found a galvanized steel "strap-tie" used to augment lumber joints in construction in the hardware store and decided to design around it.

ACT LABS Performance Pedals for Windows and Mac

This virtually eliminated cutting except for a small notch cut as a relief for a service port in the bottom of the ALPP and required only two right-angle bends. The spring mount is pop-riveted to the bottom of the pedal base see photo, below left.

ACT Labs Performance Pedals Drivers for Windows Download

Some plastic pipe I had around serves as spacer material to precisely position the bottom pivots of both pedal springs.

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