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Asus 1215N Eee PC Driver

View full Asus Eee PC N-PU17 specs on CNET. This page provides reviews and other infos about the Asus Eee PC N of the series Eee PC N laptop. *OFFICE pre-loaded (Purchase Office to activate the full-featured suite preloaded on this PC. This PC also includes reduced functionality versions of.

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Asus 1215N Eee PC Driver

Driver for Asus 1215N Eee PC

Peak backlight brightness was fine for viewing in bright office conditions, but only when the brightness was set to percent. Outdoor viewing was close to impossible unless you were in some serious shade from a tree or other structure.

The onboard speakers were lap-firing and sounded very tinny. The speakers had no low frequency response and just a small hint of midrange.

This is fine for listening to streaming music or watching a YouTube clip, but not for sharing a movie in a small room. The speaker orientation causes problems if you have the laptop laying on a bed or pressed against thick clothing on your lap.

Review Asus Eee PC N Netbook - Reviews

I was able to easily obstruct the speakers with my legs; making them sound muffled. Inside HW The sample of N that we've had tested proved to be an all-around good Asus 1215N Eee PC - it's responsive and enables fluent work, at least in terms of what you'd expect to be doing on an Eee PC.

Asus 1215N Eee PC Driver for Windows 10

NVIDIA graphics, multimedia capabilities - especially HD Asus 1215N Eee PC playback - and good battery autonomy all add to this netbook's value, which, owing to its decent keyboard, needn't only be a secondary, "on-the-fly" computer. CNet Since the start of the Intel Atom era, we've longed for one thing: This machine came in dead last on a couple of my benchmarks, but obliterated all but one of the competition when it came to battery life.

That positions this netbook in the perfect spot for the person who is less worried about being able to do things like encoding media and more into a machine that can stream video between classes or meetings and has the power for average computer work when you need to be all business for a very long time on a single charge. This might be the perfect netbook to complement a larger, more powerful, but less portable full notebook or desktop computer. If you are into a lot of media encoding and editing, the N might not meet your needs alone, but if you want a platform for movie watching and Asus 1215N Eee PC and have a second Asus 1215N Eee PC to do the heavy workloads, the N is a great option.

Asus Eee PC N-PU17 Specs - CNET

While AMD-powered Finger prints and other blemishes are less visible as a result, and it takes longer for these to accumulate. Merely the display frame is covered in a high-gloss surface, which is incidentally less favorable than some other areas could have been, since this causes not only the display to provide reflections, but also its frame. As previously mentioned, there is also a silver variant available, as well as one in red which is already listed on the Asus website, but is Asus 1215N Eee PC not yet available to buy.

The surfaces altogether Asus 1215N Eee PC a good quality and haptically pleasing impression, but do not reach the standard of some of the competitor models such as the HP Mini Smart buttons and decent silver colored panels, such as around the touchpad, improve the general appearance.

The Asus 1215N Eee PC of the case is good, and the surfaces only bend in some areas with mediocre pressure applied. These include the keyboard and the display lid. The display is firmely held in place by solid hinges, but cannot be opened with a single hand due to the weight distribution on the base plate battery at the back.

The N was launched back inwhile the B is newer, hitting the stores only in the last couple of months. In the US, the N has a list price ofwith the B going for 50 bucks less.

Asus Eee PC N Review Trusted Reviews

However, both of them can be found online with discounts and free shipping included. See the following links for details.

Asus 1215N Eee PC Windows

Both with Shipping Asus 1215N Eee PC and both offered in Black, Red or Silver. The N is at least on paper slightly faster than its brother in games and graphic intensive applications, while the B offers slightly faster processor, thus more solid experience in everyday apps, plus slightly better battery life for daily use, not in every situation and a smaller price.

They are after all so close that such a fact cannot Asus 1215N Eee PC justified.

Still, if you plan to get a mini notebook right now and would like to know which one of the two popular EEE PCs is better, I do hope this post has helped you answer your questions. But these are not the only good small laptops on the market, thus I would advice you Asus 1215N Eee PC also take a look at our post on the top Share this article: Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance.

Actual figures Asus 1215N Eee PC vary in real-world situations.

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