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Therefore, we provide a method t o differentiate t he porosity related t o the bedding weak zones si milar to resistivity logs e. Song et al. This includes cementation exponent i n Archie equati on AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL.

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Perez-Rosales and Lunaand t he difference bet ween wat er saturation from openhol e logs and saturation hei ght functi on based on capillary pressure measure ments e. Ozgen et al. These vari ous methods have focused on i dentification and density measurement of pervasive fractures Iverson ; Schechter and Banik AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL A beddi ng corridor is a sub-horizont al tabular swar m of small and large shears, which traverses t he entire reservoir and extends as t he reservoir extendi ng Fig.

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Bedding corridors are geneticall y bedding-related shearing swar ms. Shearing is associated with bedding corridors unless the beddi ng rock i s not brittle enough, but the converse is not true.

Many bedding corridors have no detectable displacement. Borehole i mage logs are t he mai n data.

Abstract Bedding corridors are sub-horizontal tabul ar bodies of bedding pl ane weak zones for med AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL shear swar ms, which verticall y divide t he entire reservoir thickness and extend l at erally as t heir l ayers. Beddi ng corridors are genetically related t o shearing al ong t he bedding planes and they contribute to the conductive systems i n AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL Abu Dhabi reservoirs. They can be best identified from horizontal borehol e i mage logs, and as spikes in open- hol e logs.

Nat ural bedding corridors can be consi dered as indicat ors of t he reservoir stress history, where they for m extraordi nary clusters of a huge number of quasi-parallel shear fractures in a transpressional regi me. In many oil and gas reservoirs, natural bedding corri dors net works help drai n hydrocarbons and other flui ds. The role of bedding corridors is particularly i mportant in reservoirs having a tight matrix.

In carbonate for mations, for example, it is quite common AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL o observe a per meability contrast of mD or more bet ween t he rock matri x and surrounding beddi ng corridors. In this paper we differentiate bet ween i mage-log porosity and density-neutron porosity, which is regarded as secondary porosity AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL able to fractures. We also i ntroduce here a working hypothesis about their effect on hydrofraccing being part of geomechanical assessment.

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Swapping stresses wit h dept h is common i n Abu Dhabi fields, where a strike-sli p regi me can open and dilate the shear along t he beddi ng pl anes. It is recommended t o opt for horizontal wells hydrofraccing to maxi mize the intersection of those bedding corridors compared to vertical wells. Viscosity plays an important role in reservoir simulations AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL well as in predicting the easiness of fluid flow, selecting a production approach, and predicting oil recovery.

In this work a simple-to-use predictive tool has been developed to predict the viscosity of heavy oil AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL a function of temperature as well as a simple correlating parameter that can be used for heavy oil characterization.

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The reported results are the product of analysis of many heavy oils data collected from the open literature for various heavy oil fields around the world. The tool developed in this study can be of immense AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL value for petroleum engineers to have a quick check on the viscosity of heavy oil without opting for any experimental trials. In particular, petroleum and production engineers would find AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL proposed correlation to be user-friendly with transparent calculations involving no complex expressions.

Key words:

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