New Driver: Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio

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Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio Driver

so i am using a mm cable from my motherboard (asrock n7ad-sli) which i gather uses a realtek high definition r and the sound that. The ASRock N7AD-SLI has NVIDIA SLI support, Gigabit LAN, IEEE LGA for Intel Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Duo Audio - CH Windows Vista Premium Level HD Audio with Content Protection. Over the past couple of months Intel's new Core i7 CPUs and X58 chipset have come to rule the high end of PC performance but the.

Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio Driver

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Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio Driver

Why do I touch upon this issue in a motherboard review?

Firstly, as you might have already noticed, we review processors and motherboards in compliance with modern trends to unite these components into commercial platforms in the same section. It's politically incorrect to skip usability issues of a given product. Thirdly, this very motherboard currently comes at the time this article was written at the lowest price among motherboards on this chipset, which also sounds practical. OK, let's proceed to the main topic of our review.

The central feature of Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio motherboard, which can be used by MSI as a competitive advantage, is Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio graphics and non-graphics slots.

So you can build a Quad CrossFire system even with two-slot graphics cards, for example, Radeon HD with the reference cooler. However, the other devices in this case will have to be connected to peripheral ports only, because two PCI and PCIEx1 ports will be blocked.

Asrock N7Ad Sli Realtek Hd Audio Driver 2-00

However, firstly, you can find almost any device now in the external modification for USB or FireWire. They will be more expensive, but this fact shouldn't confuse users with such high requirements.

Secondly, a gaming computer with several graphics cards is not an all-purpose system, and it cannot be approached with general requirements. It's a specialized system used mostly for games.

Asrock N7AD-SLI drivers

Users of such systems are likely to have other computers for example, a notebook and a media centerso there is no need to install a built-in TV tuner or a professional sound card in this computer. The only limitation here is compatibility with storage drives only, while the SAS standard itself supports a wider range of devices, for example, scanners. However, this feature is not used often in practice.

Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio X64 Driver Download

The cooling system of the chipset consists of three heat sinks connected with heat pipes. The heat sink on the north bridge has the most Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio shape MSI claims that such a shape is not only looking good, but also contributes to thermal efficiency.

CeBIT 2009 - ASRock

Besides, this heat sink and the one on field-effect transistors are in the air Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio zone of the CPU cooler. However, engineers traditionally refer to the needs of overclockers, who may need their voltage regulator elements cool for higher stability. The retention module of the cooling system also produces a positive impression.

Chipset bridges contact the heat sinks through thermal grease dense, but sticky and soft. The contact with transistors of the voltage regulator is praiseworthy, imprints on the thermal gasket leave no doubts of its high quality. The 5-phase switching voltage regulator incorporates two field-effect transistors per channel, ten uF capacitors and five uF ones made by Panasonic.

Asrock N7AD-SLI Realtek HD Audio Drivers for Mac Download

Following the modern trend, the motherboard uses only solid-state capacitors with polymeric electrolyte. The power circuits are very good. Despite the open chokes in some circuits, we heard no unwanted noise during our tests.

PCB design allows to install the second network controller and a processor from Creative instead of the Realtek audio codec. You have the right to hold up this approach to cheating, but it will hardly damage Intel's reputation.

What's important, your chances to face these bugs are purely theoretical, be it 45 nm Core 2 eXtreme QX or Phenom. The above mentioned QX has a higher clock rate and performance than the existing Phenom products, of course.

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