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Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN Driver

Find Asus Cpu in Laptops Buy or sell new or used computers locally in Toronto (GTA). microphone Build-in speakers Wireless network (WiFi) b/g/n Wireless Model: ASUS G46VW-BSI5N06 CPU: Intel Core i5 M GHz RAM: drive: DVD burner DVD±R/RW • Network: Atheros Fast Ethernet • Wireless. full download Vizio CTA4 Atheros WLAN Driver for Windows 8 ASUS G46VW Atheros WLAN Driver for Windows 8 MB full. Drivers for laptop ASUS G46VW: there are 26 devices found for the selected laptop model. Select type and model of the device to download drivers.

Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN Vista

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Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN Driver

Accessories The G46 does not ship with anything more than its large power adapter and quick start manuals.

Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN 64 Bit

Special or proprietary accessories do not exist since the notebook lacks a docking port for dedicated extensions. Asus does sell ROG branded gear such as headsets and mousepads through its official Republic of Gamers website. Warranty Beyond the basic one-year Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN, Asus offers extended services via the Asus Premium Care program if the user chooses to register the product and create login credentials.

The service includes all the familiar extended warranty options such as coverage for repairs and on-site troubleshooting. Input Devices Keyboard The backlit Chiclet keyboard The keys Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN a fair amount of travel, but are soft when pressed.

SOLVED: Why does my asus laptop keep disconnecting from the internet? - Asus Laptop - iFixit

This ultimately contributes to a shallow feel during use as feedback is not as strong as it could have been. Consequently, the keys are very quiet, much more so compared to competing gaming notebooks and even most in its size class. It becomes easy to appreciate the quiet typing after growing accustomed to the soft keys. We also applaud Asus for not shrinking the arrow keys, which often receive the short end of the Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN with regards to size and positioning.

Why does my asus laptop keep disconnecting from the internet?

While we have no major issues with the keyboard as a whole, the G46 is devoid of supplementary buttons. For example, Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN are no dedicated volume or brightness keys, no Optimus switch for discrete or integrated graphics, and no WLAN switch. At least one of these auxiliary keys is present in many multimedia and gaming notebooks for easier control, so it is but a minor annoyance that users must use the fn key by default to access some basic functions.

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Touchpad The touchpad is large This makes the touch surface appear wider and more rectangular, which we consider is a boon for multi-touch use and is Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN for widescreen monitors. It defaults to "Maximum Performance" when plugged in. I changed the "On battery" setting to "Maximum Performance" see screen shot below and now it's working at both Starbucks locations.

It's looking like their router has some incompatibilities with Windows 10 power saving modes. With "Maximum Power Saving" the laptop computer can't even connect.

Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN XP

In fact, I had to reboot the computer after changing the setting to "Maximum Performance" to get the WiFi adapter to work again. Maybe Windows 10 WiFi driver has problems turning it on and off, etc.

Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN Drivers

Perhaps a new driver will fix the problem. I'll have to look for a driver update.

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Attached Image: Wireless Adapter Power Saving Modes. Surprisingly, there was a newer driver as Windows automatically found it, download it, and installed it.

The screen shot below shows the driver that was installed. I didn't get a chance to take a screen shot of the older driver. This driver is dated in April.

Surprised that it wasn't automatically installed after upgrading to Windows But I tried the default "Medium Power Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN mode and it didn't solve the problem. I guess I'm stuck with "Maximum Performance" for now. Jake Fri, 11 Dec It is still unreliable on some Starbucks and simply do not work on some other Starbucks. Controversies[ edit ] In SeptemberPC Pro discovered through a reader that Asus had accidentally shipped laptops that contained cracked and unlicensed software.

At the time, an Asus spokesperson promised an investigation at "quite a high level", but declined to comment on how the files got on the machines and recovery media. Before making the vulnerability public, the researcher was told by Asus that the behaviour was "not an issue", but the vulnerability was reportedly patched shortly prior to the breach. Federal Trade Commission issued a complaint over the breach for the company's "failure to employ reasonable security practices has subjected consumers to substantial injury", alleging that Asus had also failed to perform basic penetration Asus G46VW Atheros WLANallowed users to maintain a default admin password for the AiDisk Asus G46VW Atheros WLAN, and failed to notify users of security updates in a timely fashion.

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