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3Dconnexion Euclid Drivers Windows

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3Dconnexion Euclid Driver

Open Cascade

The adapted 3Dconnexion Euclid are presented in table 1. Our version used a situation where visual perspective is also likely to change unexpectedly: Task table adapted from Dias et al.

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The participant must navigate the prescribed course, flying around 3Dconnexion Euclid object Difficult without straying too far away. The participant must navigate the prescribed course, flying, and be able to stop Difficult flying land on the marked spot.

The participant should be able to engage with a nautical vehicle and control it Difficult to follow a water-based route we are planning to use a water motorcycle. The participant should be able to engage with a land-based vehicle we are Difficult planning to use a car and control it to follow a land route. The participant should be able to engage with a flying vehicle we are Difficult planning to use a hang glider and control it to follow a land route.

Selection of test participants The selection of participants is crucial to the success 3Dconnexion Euclid the actual testing 3Dconnexion Euclid. This involves the identification and description of relevant 3Dconnexion Euclid and knowledge required of users who will use the 3D devices: Experience with the system: Domain knowledge: Therefore for the present usability tests we sought participants with some previous experience of computer use.

We also inquired on their experience with 3D environments, not 3Dconnexion Euclid just Second Life. Another relevant aspect is the number of test participants.

This is source of significant debate in literature. According to Nielsen [0], the use 3Dconnexion Euclid at least five participants is suggested. For our study, we selected 10 3Dconnexion Euclid to perform the 13 different tasks Table 1 in the Second Life virtual world: Location and general remarks on tests We have conducted all tests with individual participants.

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Two observers registered relevant events during the tests. Since all participants and one of the observers use wheelchairs, we selected a room where 3Dconnexion Euclid felt comfortable, in order to minimize the impact of external factors during 3Dconnexion Euclid tests. Usability tests We assessed the usability tests in 3 phases.

Initially we handed out a questionnaire to characterize participants. Then the participants used the system following the test plan, while being observed by 2 observers. Finally, we handed out a final questionnaire, for participants 3Dconnexion Euclid perform a self-assessment of the difficulties they experienced.

3Dconnexion Euclid input devices drivers

The pre-test 3Dconnexion Euclid available to the public at http: The results are summarized in Table 2. From table 2, we can see that the average 3Dconnexion Euclid is Regarding experience on the use of 3D environments, all participants had some very small experience.

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And on prior experience with the Second Life virtual world, some had no prior experience at all. None of the participants had prior experience with 3Dconnexion Euclid use of 3D devices.

Observations Mostly, participants were able to complete the 13 tasks that were proposed Table 1. Only in a very few execution 3Dconnexion Euclid tasks the observers recorded their observations, which are available 3Dconnexion Euclid the public at http: By analyzing the observation records, it is noticeable that the most difficult tasks for the group of 5 participants using the 3D devices Space Navigator and SpacePilot Pro were task 12 and task 13 i. In the case of the SpacePilot Pro device, we also observed noticeable difficulties on task 7 flying and landing exactly in front of an avatar.

These participants have also expressed some frustration when doing errors or failing to complete a task, but expressed satisfaction when successfully completing them especially in the case of the most complex 3Dconnexion Euclid. The most common error was running onto objects or walls.

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We hypothesize that the sensitivity to touch of the devices may contribute to this, but further testing will be necessary to ascertain it. We also noted that participants experienced more difficulties while using SpacePilot Pro. 3Dconnexion Euclid was contrary to our initial expectations: The 3Dconnexion Euclid participants using the conventional combination of keyboard strokes and mouse movements experienced the most difficulties on tasks 5, 6, 7, 12, and

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