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Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Acer - Aspire 2-in-1 " Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i5 - 6GB Memory - GB Hard Drive. Buy Refurbished: Acer Laptop R Intel Core i5 3rd Gen U ( GHz) 6 GB Memory GB HDD 24 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics ". На данной странице представлены обзоры и другая информация о Acer Aspire R серии Aspire R7 ноутбуков.

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Acer R7-571-6858 Driver

Driver for Acer R7-571-6858

Other Thoughts: OK, so I decided to see what make it tick like I Acer R7-571-6858 with everything I buy? Before I could do the following I had to go into the Acer R7-571-6858 and change to legacy boot in two places and turn off secure boot and create a password to get into the bios.

Acer R7 Review: Something Different

Acer R7-571-6858 Windows creates the boot menu Acer R7-571-6858 gives you a choice to make up your mind in 25 seconds; at this point I always install Easy BCD and configure it to do what I want. Notebook mode is the closest of the four to a regular clamshell laptop, with the display lining up with the back edge of the laptop chassis.

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In this mode, it functions Acer R7-571-6858 like any other touchscreen-equipped laptop, aside from the unusual keyboard layout more on that in a moment. In Ezel mode, the display stand allows for Acer R7-571-6858 monitor-like setup much more like a desktop display.

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In addition to looking cool, this mode has the benefit of best utilizing the touch display, letting you bring the screen closer and put it at an angle more comfortable than a regular touch-enabled laptop screen. The Ezel hinge features two adjustable Acer R7-571-6858, and both hold firmly enough that when touching and tapping the screen, there's Acer R7-571-6858 noticeable screen wobble.

The unfortunate side-effect of the sturdy hinges, of course, is that they are just as stiff when adjusting the angle of the Acer R7-571-6858 and opening the closed laptop. Folding the Ezel hinge flat with the screen out puts the laptop into Pad Mode, which converts Acer R7-571-6858 Aspire R7 into something like a tablet.

Acer Aspire R7-571-6858

It's too large to simply pick up and use on the go, though it can certainly be moved from one room Acer R7-571-6858 the next with relative ease. Though not exactly mobile, Pad mode does make for a more comfortable table-top touch experience, and Acer R7-571-6858 bulk of the hinge sets the display at an angle, more like a small All-in-One system laying nearly flat.

Getting the Aspire R7 out of Pad mode is sometimes difficult, with the sturdy hinges requiring some force to pry the display up and manhandle it back into position. Finally, the display can be tipped back and flipped over, to show the screen to someone on the Acer R7-571-6858 side. As with the Asus Taichi, the display sharing feature feels more like an afterthought based Acer R7-571-6858 the fact that the stand allows flipping the screen, added Acer R7-571-6858 pad out the feature list.

Acer R7-571-6858 Drivers for Windows 7

The traditional keyboard and touchpad arrangement wasn't arbitrary; properly placed palm rests make typing more ergonomic and on-the-go laptop use easier, Acer R7-571-6858 a Acer R7-571-6858 located below the spacebar lets you navigate without having to hover over the keyboard or worry about unintentional keystrokes. From our limited time with the notebook, we have to admit that we were impressed with it, but it has a couple of quirks that could be considered as flaws such as the track pad being positioned above the keyboard.

Single Review, Acer R7-571-6858 available, Very Short, Date: Pocket Lint Is it a laptop, is it a Acer R7-571-6858 The Aspire R7 is one of the more unusual takes on the adjustable Windows 8 laptop that we've ever seen. No, scratch that, it's the most unusual take.

Acer R7 Review: Something Different

The Acer Aspire R7 review Source: Techradar All things considered Acer is to be applauded for offering a different take on the laptop experience. Here there's Acer R7-571-6858 concerted and genuine attempt to be open, to embrace those that want a laptop, but to make Acer R7-571-6858 easy for people to use touchscreens.

Part of Windows 8's rocky road has been due to an authoritarian dictation of how people 'should' use their laptops, such as removing the Start Acer R7-571-6858 and Acer R7-571-6858 Metro front and centre. The Acer Acer R7-571-6858 R7 lets you work in nearly any way possible, and we're looking forward to putting it through its paces in a full review. Trusted Reviews Whether the Acer Aspire R7 is really going to prove a handy melding of laptop, desktop and tablet will only be revealed after prolonged real-life use.

But the first impressions it leaves are positive.

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