Argox AS-8020CL Driver

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Argox AS-8020CL Driver

Check out which online shop has the best price for ARGOX AS CL WIRELESS BARCODE SCANNER ASCL - BILL + 1YR WAR in the India. Compare. The Argox Wireless ASCL Scanner is not programmed to scan Code 93 barcodes. See instructions below for programming instructions. Argox AS CL Cordless Bracode Scanner. The new ASCL Cordless Scanner is the wireless version of our popular AS Scanner. It offers the.

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Argox AS-8020CL Driver

Programming the as-8020cl – Argox AS-8020CL User Manual

After well-connecting Bluetooth dongle to PC, find the blue-tooth sign on Taskbar; double-click on it to bring out the Argox AS-8020CL Devices prompt. Open HyperTerminal.

The system will show a message on Taskbar asking Argox AS-8020CL click on the Bluetooth sign on taskbar. Now the installation and setups have been completed, you may start to scan barcodes to transmit Argox AS-8020CL to HyperTerminal on PC. Make sure the battery in the ASCL is fully charged.

  • Manual - Argox ASCL Barcode Scanner
  • ARGOX AS-8520
  • Bluetooth Scanner ARGOX AS 8020 CL
  • Programming the as-8020cl – Argox AS-8020CL User Manual

Then the Bluetooth device searching will start. Click the Argox AS-8020CL device and you will hear three beeps after certain connecting time. Now Argox AS-8020CL Argox Cordless Scanner successfully connects with your Apple device. Tap on the New Note and see the cursor showed on the screen.

ArgoxScan AS-8020CL User Manual

Use your Argox Cordless Scanner to scan a barcode and the data will show on the Argox AS-8020CL. Apple iOS devices will allow only one input device working at the same time. Connecting with Android devices mobile phone, tablet PC 1.

Driver for Argox AS-8020CL

Turn the Bluetooth On. Now your Argox Cordless Scanner successfully connects with your Android device.

Android system will Argox AS-8020CL both Argox AS-8020CL connected input device and the Android Virtual Keyboard working at the same time. So when you connect an Argox Cordless Scanner with your Android device, the Android Virtual Keyboard will be still available for your input. The imager must be pointed at slight angle to the barcode so that the light reflected off the barcode can be seen by the imager.

Programming the ascl Argox ASCL User Manual Page 45 /

Do not hold the imager perpendicular to the barcode. The scan line must cross the entire barcode.

Drivers: Argox AS-8020CL

The imager can not read the barcode data without seeing the entire barcode. The cradle uses an external power supply and the external power supply has failed, Argox AS-8020CL imager will not operate.

Change the power supply with a known good power supply and reset the imager. Verify the interface cable is securely connected to the host computer. Consult Argox AS-8020CL technical support personnel or Argox AS-8020CL to your host system manual to verify the proper connection for the imager. Verify the interface cable is securely connected to the cradle.

Check that the barcodes are of sufficient quality to be recognized by the imager. Wrinkled, smudged, or torn labels will cause the imager to not read at all. Connect power Argox AS-8020CL the cradle.

Argox AS-8020CL Barcode Scanner

The radio LED marked with a light symbol will blink amber and the cradle will beep. To ensure the cradle is unlinked from any other imager, Argox AS-8020CL if the cradle send inquiry beep or not see Inquiry Beep Control in page 24th.

Argox AS-8020CL Vista

Read the link label on the bottom of the cradle with Argox AS-8020CL imager. The imager will sound a good read beep and the LED will flash amber.

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