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3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis Driver

L§'l.i , g.,»v' - Services 3"“, We nidre it wifli flexible l - Purchase orders accepted from .. 69/79 I MODEMS I Boca Modem vbis w/Fax Int.. ALL MODELS CALL US Robotics Sportster w/tax ext. Microsoft Ballpoint mouse w/Windows I NETWORKING I 3COM 3C Etherlink II bit coax. The heart of the RMM is the popular and reliable 3Com/USRobotics. Sportster K modem card. Industry standard through ITU-T V bis ( bps) as well as Bell and Reliability and Vbis/MNP 5 Data Compression. Power. Practical Periph SA v vbis ext Practical Periph 14, send/rec tax ext MODELS CALL US Robotics Sportster w/tax ext. Microsoft Ballpoint mouse w/Windows I NITWORKINO I 3COM 3C

3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis Windows 7 64-BIT

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99 (3.9)
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Supported systems: Windows 7/8/10, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.X
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3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis Driver


Robotics has grown to become a key manufacturer and developer of information access technology. As an innovator in the data communications field, U. Robotics has a history of bringing the latest technology to market at an affordable price.

Robotics owns the core technology, known as the data pump, that works in its access products. This allows U.

Drivers for 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis

Robotics to bring new technologies and features to market faster and at a lower cost while passing the savings on to you. Be sure to read the following section to learn more about the latest U.

Initialization Strings

Robotics breakthrough, x2 technology. Your new Sportster takes advantage of this technology to make connecting over analog lines faster than ever before. For more information on U. Robotics, visit the U.

This modem is easily upgradable to new features and enhancements as they become available. An integrated end-to-end solution from the leader The latest breakthrough in online communications 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis now, Now, x2 shatters that barrier, to bring you download speeds of up to 56 Kbps.

Robotics is well positioned to bring you x2 technology. This widespread acceptance allows U.

3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis Windows 8 X64 Driver Download

Robotics to offer x2 technology to virtually anyone. Because it bypasses the analog-to-digital conversion in the downstream path, x2 can use nearly all of the available 64K network bandwidth.

Upstream data, typically less speed sensitive, travels at the standard V. The result is a completely new kind of transmission technique. The new standard for online speed U.

US Robotics Init Strings and Troubleshooting/Support

Robotics has already submitted x2 to the ITU-T standards committee for acceptance as the next online standard. Here are just a few: Unlike many half-duplex speakerphones, your Sportster allows you to converse normally without annoying echoes and distortion. You can even access your voice messages remotely.

3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis 64 BIT

The included fax-on-demand feature allows callers to 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis information from a list and have it automatically faxed to them. Enjoy the convenience of professional voice mail in your home or office for a fraction of the cost. If you have an internal modem and are using the Windows 3. Part I, Section A: If you have an internal modem and are using the Windows 95 operating system, start at Part I, Section B: Internal 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis Installation with Windows 95 page The instructions are provided for both Windows 3.

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