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AOpen AX34 Pro - motherboard - ATX - Socket - ProA overview and full product specs on CNET. AX34 Pro II, AOpen, Motherboard, mainboard, chipset, základní desky, Slot, Socket, information. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for AOpen AX34 Pro, Socket , Intel Motherboard at the best online prices at eBay.

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Aopen AX34 Pro Driver

Last modified Dec AOpen's made another black motherboard. When this popular Taiwanese computer gear maker AOpen's the separate-components division of Acer feels particularly proud of a motherboard, they make a version with a black PCB and a shiny silver heatsink on the main chip.

VIA Apollo Pro 133A Motherboard Roundup - July 2000

Now, to most people, a black motherboard is about as interesting as a shiny enamelled engine for Aopen AX34 Pro car. It raises certain questions about one's life priorities.

For hardware enthusiasts, though, a black board with all the latest twiddly bits makes an excellent core for the latest revision of their screaming top-spec game machine. It's a built-for-speed overclockers' board, designed to give you Aopen AX34 Pro best possible chance of getting your CPU running substantially faster than the sticker says it should.

That doesn't mean the board's not happy running CPUs at stock speed - but if that's all you want to do, you might as well buy a cheaper motherboard. Not that the Pro II's particularly expensive.

AOpen AX34 Pro II Online Manual

This is a good price, for a motherboard with these specs. This doesn't make a huge amount of difference, Aopen AX34 Pro you don't need to upgrade from Slot 1 just to use a newer Intel CPU.

Aopen AX34 Pro Driver Download

Socket CPUs can, with a "slotket" adapter, plug straight into Slot 1, and Aopen AX34 Pro Slot 1 motherboards Aopen AX34 Pro fine with the new chips. The surface finish on a heat sink that's primarily cooled by air flow is pretty much completely irrelevant, but it sure looks purty. They don't tell us whose military specification these circuit boards are alleged to meet.

Cynics might suggest that it's fairly easy to meet, say, Liberian Army computer materials specs. AOpen also refer to this board in their press bumf as "Black Beauty".

Aopen AX34 Pro Drivers for Windows XP

Thank heaven it's actually a good motherboard, that's all I can say. Because the same drivers work with any Apollo Pro A motherboard and the hardware's essentially identical, there's Aopen AX34 Pro significant Aopen AX34 Pro in raw performance between them when they're running the same hardware at the same speed. Performance differences between computers with different motherboards, if there are any to speak of at all, come from the motherboards' extra features, like CPU and RAM overclocking and faster hard disk interfaces.

First up, it's got lots of CPU speed adjustment potential, which I'll deal with in detail in the "Overclocking" section below.

AOpen AX34 Pro, Socket , Intel Motherboard for sale online eBay

Mere mortals don't need anything like that much, of course. Normal users are only likely to put a maximum Aopen AX34 Pro Mb of RAM on the board anyway, because they don't want to pay the premium for bigger-thanMb memory modules.

Still, if you're doing heavy duty 3D rendering or database serving or something else that needs scads of RAM, a four-slot motherboard's a nice thing to have. It also makes it easy to make use of lower capacity modules from your old motherboard, and add more RAM, without running out of slots. The southbridge chip on a motherboard, essentially, takes care of every function that the northbridge doesn't - the IDE bus, USB, Plug and Play, the PCI to ISA bus bridge connection if there is onekeyboard and Aopen AX34 Pro control, power management and so on.

This is a neat Aopen AX34 Pro for anyone that wants to install more than the usual four drives two drives can be connected to each motherboard IDE socketAopen AX34 Pro buggy drivers and occasional difficulties in booting from anything but the slower Via hard disk controller made the dual-controller boards a tad annoying.

Four drives only, but no boot difficulties. But there's no harm in using it, if you've got it. The AMR slot's pretty much useless.

AOpen AX34 Pro - motherboard - ATX - Socket 370 - Pro133A Specs

AMR modems are dirt cheap it's now possible to buy Aopen AX34 Pro retail - only system integrators could get them at first but they're all "host based modems" that need special drivers in order to work. This means they only work with operating systems that have drivers to suit them - often, just Windows.

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And many host based modems have compatibility problems with some other modems. There's no point using the AMR slot for audio, because the AX34 Pro II, Aopen AX34 Pro for an overclockers' board, includes ACcompliant plain vanilla audio hardware, with the Aopen AX34 Pro couple of inputs and single output on its rear-panel connector block, and on-board connectors for internal sound sources like modems and CD-ROM drives.

Many overclockers, being fanatical gamers, don't want on-board sound - they want their shiny four-output positional audio board. But if you don't like the AC97 sound, you can always disable it.

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