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Asus F50SV Driver

A multimedia machine with flair, the F50Sv-A2 marks ASUS' entrance into the emerging category of inch notebooks. Thanks to its fast Core. View full Asus F50SV-A2 specs on CNET. Notebook type. Gaming laptop, Mid-size laptops ( lbs.) Screen type. Widescreen. Manufacturer. Asus. by Kevin O'Brien. The ASUS F50SV-A2 is a midrange gaming notebook that offers an Intel P Core 2 Duo Processor and a NVIDIA.

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Asus F50SV Driver

The pattern extends under the hood to the palm rest and touchpad where a swirl-like pattern, reminiscent of HP's Imprint finish, stretches across the deck. Surrounding the display is a glossy black bezel; both it and Asus F50SV palm rest pick Asus F50SV their fair share of fingerprints and smudges. We recommend keeping the included polishing cloth handy. At The extra girth accommodates a number of ports: The back has one more USB 2. The individual keys offered decent feedback, but the overall feel was a bit too soft and mushy.

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We also would've liked the keys to have a glossy Asus F50SV to match the other areas of Asus F50SV machine, like that on the Acer Aspire G or HP Pavilion notebooks. Below the keyboard resides a spacious touchpad that allowed us to navigate the desktop smoothly. However, its single, fairly stiff mouse button took some getting used to; we prefer two dedicated buttons.

Asus F50SV Windows 8 X64

Above the keyboard is strip of silver shortcut keys for turning on the power, switching power settings, and Asus F50SV buttons for launching Windows Media Center, Internet Explorer, and turning off the touchpad. After pressing the button--a Asus F50SV bolt-emblazoned circle--the home screen appeared in just 10 seconds. Overall, Express Gate looks a lot more polished than the previous version.

It has a shallow throw with minimal feedback. Ports and Features Port selection on the F50 is adequate, but the layout seems awkward for a notebook of this size. No ports are located on the right Asus F50SV, reserved only for the optical drive.

No eSATA port is included, limiting fast external storage, which Asus F50SV odd considering many new notebooks include them. Included with the purchase of the notebook are a wired USB optical mouse and carrying case. The mouse is average, but works great in a pinch when gaming. The carrying case provides some mild protection for the notebook against drops, but more importantly it Asus F50SV the new finish free from scratches right out of the box.

If you plan on buying a new case anyway, it can be Asus F50SV temporary case to protect the F50 in the meantime. Performance System performance is very good for a midrange multimedia notebook, thanks in part to the Asus F50SV.

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The system was able to easily play games like Call of Duty: Asus F50SV at War and Left 4 Dead at native resolution Asus F50SV high settings without drastically slowing down or inhibiting gameplay. Speakers Speaker performance is average, with sound lacking low and midrange frequencies. Peak volume levels are decent for watching a movie or listening to music in a small room, but headphones or external stereo speakers would really be best.

The speakers are mounted below the palmrest and lap-firing, which may get blocked by clothing if you have the notebook Asus F50SV on your lap. Heat and Noise Noise under normal use is minimal or completely silent.

Asus F50 Series - External Reviews

Under light activity surfing the Web or typing Asus F50SV document the fan spins down Asus F50SV off, only spinning up to occasionally cool the system back down. Under heavier loads when gaming the fans stayed on constantly at a lower speed, which was audible but nothing that you could hear from across a room.

Asus F50SV Windows 7 64-BIT

External thermal performance was very good, with the system keeping its cool around the keyboard and palmrest. Intel Core 2 Duo Processor The Intel Core 2 Duo processor includes two mobile-optimized Asus F50SV cores in a single processor to enable execution of parallel threads or applications Asus F50SV separate cores. The results enable outstanding dual-core performance and greater system response when running multi-threaded or multiple demanding applications simultaneously.

Premium Infusion Finish The premium infusion finish with Asus F50SV motifs provides a superb polished shine that turns the Asus F50SV-A1 into a real piece of art and is highly resistant to scratches and abrasions. Widescreen Asus F50SV also enable convenient panoramic image editing and viewing with less horizontal scrolling.

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