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Artec A6000C Driver

Artec AC Plus Driver. This will let your Viewstation AC Plus scanner work with Windows XP Home or Professional edition. I gathered all of the. Artec ac driver. Artec Scanner Drivers. This site maintains listings of scanner drivers available on the web, organized by company. Includes. ARTEC AC Plus SCSI High Resolution Color Scanner. I am including the SCSI Cable and SCSI Port card.

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Artec A6000C Driver

My experience with that scanner has been interesting, to put it mildly, so I thought I'd write down some observations here in Artec A6000C anybody out there is thinking about buying one. Before I continue, I should say that I don't have the Artec scanner anymore. It worked fine for a few weeks, but a couple of days ago my system froze up hard while Artec A6000C was doing a scan. The crash was so bad it wiped out my Mac's System file.

After many hours Artec A6000C my Mac, I tried the scanner again and it didn't work.

ARTEC AC Plus SCSI High Resolution Color Scanner. Legal size WITH SCSI CARD! eBay

The scanner is at this moment winging its way back to the dealer. I don't really know if the scanner's design or manufacture were at fault, Artec A6000C I'll be using a different brand from now on! I had seen comments elsewhere on the Web that the Artec is a good greyscale scanner, but that color images don't look right without Artec A6000C lot of fiddling.

Artec A6000C Windows 8 Driver Download

I was disappointed myself at Artec A6000C by the difficulty of getting decent color, and especially getting adequate tonal range. But I learned a couple of tricks that helped me get useful images without much trouble.

Artec ac driver - Artec Scanner Drivers -

Artec A6000C The bottom line on the Artec scanner is that when it works, it works OK--for my purposes, at least. I don't have experience with high-end scanners, but even without that bias there are a couple of things Artec A6000C really look for in a better scanner: First, I want scanner settings that let me select the brightest and darkest value on an image before it Artec A6000C scanned.

The Artec setup assumes every picture has ideal color range from bright-white to black. You can adjust the image in Photoshop, but only by throwing away some of the image's color range.

This drawback is inevitable for any post-scan levels adjustment. You Artec A6000C think 16 million colors is enough that you can toss a few out, but you really only get distinct shades of any hue, and Artec A6000C image of a particular object might have to be shaded using only a few colors.

So, for example, the smooth, contoured power bulge on your red car's hood might wind up looking like an inverted pie tin Artec A6000C you Artec A6000C too much color resolution. Second, I'd like a scanner with more internal color resolution. It is true that most image files can't handle more than a 16 million color range, but that really isn't enough to start with. The computer plays tricks to make 16 million, or thousands, or even just colors look nearly as good as a photograph, but to do that reliably Artec A6000C has to start with a higher color resolution.


Even at 16 million colors, it is possible for shaded contours to Artec A6000C banded if the scanner doesn't start with at least a little more resolution. I have to admit that these desires are somewhat Artec A6000C, especially the second one.

Artec A6000C 64x

For my purposes, I got Artec A6000C good results with the Artec. It's Artec A6000C fast, and my wife has set her heart on it. What could be more compelling than that? Artec Tricks First, ignore the "Ready to Scan! I nearly went mad trying to achieve good color balance at first. Then, on a whim I guess, I turned the scanner off and on again after I had been fighting color balance for a few hours.

Artec A6000C Drivers for Windows XP

The scanner's power-on-self-test POST calibrations were suddenly dead-on and I was getting decent color still dark, though without much tweaking at all. For the most part, I gave up adjusting individual color Artec A6000C. The moral: Give the lamp plenty of time to warm up maybe an hour or sothen shut down and restart the scanner so it Artec A6000C do its POST calibrations again with a warm lamp. Second, forget the Artec's Gamma setting.

For all intents and purposes, I think you might as well assume the Artec has no calibration settings at all.

Artec A6000C Plus Scanner Driver

Aside from being difficult to use Artec A6000C can't see what effect your changes have until after you scan they don't appear to affect the scanning levels at all. Instead, they appear to be a post-acquisition filter of the scanned image--and a poor one at that.

This is just my impression, but it's the only explanation I can think of for the poor results I got when using the Artec settings. You do need a gamma setting, but Photoshop LE included with the Artec version I purchased Artec A6000C an excellent one, in a dialog called "Levels.

Artec a6000c Scanner Driver

Photoshop LE also includes a calibration procedure and gamma setting for your monitor in the Goodies folderbut I never had a chance to try it. Here's what I wound up doing to get decent scans: Take an step gray wedge mine was a bar with 11 Artec A6000C I created my wedge by printing it on a black and white printer, so I gave the scanned image a generous blur to wipe out the halftoning Artec A6000C.

Not ideal, but the camera stores were closed.

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