ACPI Processor Aggregator Driver

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ACPI Processor Aggregator Driver

Menuconfig ACPI. bool "ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) Support" . ACPI defines processor Aggregator, which enables OS to perform. ACPI Processor Aggregator ACPI\VEN_ACPI&DEV_C. I have downloaded the Not sure what to download for ACPI. How do I get drivers. [git pull request] ACPI Processor Aggregator Driver for rc1. From: Len Brown Date: Sat Oct 03 - EST. Next message: Michael Kerrisk.

ACPI Processor Aggregator Driver (2019)

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ACPI Processor Aggregator Driver

These actions can be categorized as either passive cooling or active cooling. For more information about thermal management, see the document titled "Thermal Management in Windows" on the Microsoft ACPI Processor Aggregator website.

ACPI thermal zones A thermal zone is defined to include child objects that do the following: Identify the devices that are contained in the thermal zone: Specify thermal thresholds at which actions must be taken: Describe the thermal zone's passive cooling behavior: Report the thermal zone's temperature: Optionally, receive notifications of additional temperature threshold crossings: C3 ACPI Processor Aggregator known as Sleep is a state where the processor does not need to keep its cache coherentbut maintains other state.

Additional states are defined by manufacturers ACPI Processor Aggregator some processors. For example, Intel 's ACPI Processor Aggregator platform has states up to C10, where it distinguishes core states and package states.

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These states are implementation-dependent. Though, P0 is always the highest-performance state; with P1 to Pn being successively lower-performance states, up to an implementation-specific limit of n ACPI Processor Aggregator greater than Function Fixed Hardware interfaces are platform-specific features, provided by platform manufacturers for the purposes of performance and failure recovery.

ACPI Processor Aggregator Intel -based PCs have a fixed function interface defined by Intel, [29] which provides a set of core functionality that reduces an ACPI-compliant system's need for full driver stacks for providing basic functionality during boot time or in the case of major system failure. The Root System Description Pointer is located in a platform-dependent manner, and describes the rest of the tables.

The ACPI processor aggregator driver [Posted October 7, by corbet] Patches merged into the mainline carry a number of tags to indicate who wrote them, who reviewed them, ACPI Processor Aggregator. A certain commit merged for 2. The story goes something like this.

ACPI provides a mechanism by which it ACPI Processor Aggregator ask the system to make processors go idle in emergency situations; these can include power problems or an overheating system. The ACPI folks had originally proposed putting some hacks into the scheduler to implement this functionality. These changes, it seems, were little loved; that was the patch that Peter Zijlstra blocked outright.

ACPI Processor Aggregator Windows 8 X64

So Shaohua Li went back and implemented this functionality as a driver instead. If the ACPI hardware starts sounding ACPI Processor Aggregator red alert, this driver will create a top-priority realtime thread and bind it to the CPU that is to be idled.

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