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Excessive CPU utilization with ACTIMA. Created by Guest First of all, I would not rely on what the Winds show. Was the CPU utilization so. drive, but after selecting my desired speed, it says only that a drive may be rated as a "52X" drive all that really means is that that is the maximum speed. Manufacturer: ACTIMA; Part Number: A32T; Category: Others; Interface: IDE; Capacity: N/A; Rotation Speed: N/A; Form Factor: Internal; Item Condition.

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Photo Credit: Megge is a particularly zealous police officer. The type of person who walks half a city block to avoid jaywalking on an empty street.

The model citizen who defers almost obnoxiously to the letter of the law. But that is not the point of Lt.

Megge tells us when we call to discuss speed limits. Speeding Actima All Speeds traffic safety have a small correlation. Each time, he or one of his officers hears from community groups who complain that people already drive too fast. Quite the opposite, Lt.

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Megge advocates for raising speed limits because he believes it makes roads safer. Traffic Engineering Every year, traffic engineers review the speed limit on thousands of stretches of road and highway. The answer lies in realizing that the speed limit really is just a number on a sign, and it has very Actima All Speeds influence on how fast people drive.

But for the majority of drivers, the opposite is also true. If a survey team increases the speed Actima All Speeds by 10 mph, the speed of traffic will not shoot up 10 mph.

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It will stay around the same. Years of observing traffic has shown engineers that as long as a cop car is not in sight, most people simply drive at whatever speed they like. Luckily, there is some logic to the speed people choose other than the need for speed. The speed drivers choose is not based on laws or street signs, but the weather, number of intersections, presence of pedestrians and curves, and all the other information that factors into the Actima All Speeds, as Lt.

One reason is that a minority of drivers do follow the speed limit. But they do impact the average speed -- Actima All Speeds about 2 or 3 mph when a speed limit is changed, in Lt. This is important because, as noted in a U.

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But when some cars drive 55 mph and others drive 85 mph, the odds of cars Actima All Speeds increases dramatically. Traffic engineers believe that the 85th percentile speed is the ideal speed limit because it leads to the least variability between driving speeds and therefore safer roads.

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When the speed limit is correctly set at the 85th percentile speed, the minority of drivers that do conscientiously follow speed limits are no longer driving much slower than the speed of traffic. The choice of the 85th percentile speed is a data-driven conclusion -- as noted Actima All Speeds.

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Yet most speed limits are set below the 85th percentile speed. One member pointed us to a report by the U. It seems absurd that over half of drivers technically break the law at all times.

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So why do people like Lt. Megge need to spend their time trying to raise speed limits?

And I can't get my car out of second gear. What used to take two hours now takes all day.

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