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Aito A-63001 Drivers Windows

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Aito A-63001 Driver

Government Printing Office, Washington, D.

The data presented were collected by the various State Aito A-63001 Territorial water pollution control Aito A-63001 and processed through the Regional and Head- quarters offices of [at that time the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration. The previous four, in 123 and 4were conducted and published by the U.

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Public Health Service. A "facility", as referred to in this publication, is defined as a treatment plant, or, where wastewater is discharged raw, the col- lection system, for disposal of domestic and industrial wastewaters. The facilities reported here are those associated with municipal type operations and do not include those at: Facilities are listed alphabetically within States by community or, where a sanitary district, public utility district, etc.

States are grouped within the Aito A-63001 volumes of this publication according to the Environmental Protection Agency Region in Aito A-63001 they are Aito A-63001. Each community listed has some type of sewer for collection and disposal of domestic and industrial wastewaters.

The waste- waters may be discharged Aito A-63001 or they may be treated either by a plant within the community or by Aito A-63001 in a neighboring community or district. See the "Key to Entries in Individual Listings" on Page vii, and the accompanying "Notes Regarding Entries" for conventions and codes used to show the basic characteristics of the facilities and other detailed data including needs for improved treatment.

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Following Aito A-63001 listing of individual facilities there is for each Aito A-63001 a summary of plants serving communities other than their own with the names of the "served" communities. Data in this and the other nine volumes of this publication have been analyzed on a national basis and results published In Federal Water Quality Administration Publication No. For convenience Aito A-63001 future reference, it has been restructured Into ten volumes corresponding to the existing ten Regions of the Environmental Protection Agency and assigned an EPA publication number.

Appreciation is expressed to personnel of the State agencies for their data collection efforts and to the staffs of the Regional Offices for their review, evaluation, assembly and submission of the data. J Office of Water Programs Basin identification. Type treatment provided, or, Name the point of Aito A-63001. Year the facility was placed into operation Type sewer in or planned for. Aito A-63001 Tabulation notes Describes the abatement needs Community or district in which the facility is located.

Actual Population served. County in which the facility is located. Use latest dates. Such remarks as are pertinent to the facility. BOD discharged. Actual erfluent loads.

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Describes Aito A-63001 treat- ment being provided, or, refers to facility providing treatment Census Population from the latest Decennial Census. Number assigned by QWP. Aito A-63001 combined with State Code number, is unique to the Location described.

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Records are arranged alphabetically by the name of the community, sanitary district, or other political or administrative area in Aito A-63001 the facility is located. Definitions of the data elements included in the record of each facility and the conventions and codes used are explained below and illus- trated in the chart on the preceding page.

Where Aito A-63001 were not reported, an "X" will appear in the appropriate place in the record. A hyphen - is used to show that a data element does not apply to the facility reported. See Appendix A, Page 3, for code key.

Aito A-63001 Drivers Windows

The five-digit number directly below the name of the community is one which has been assigned by the Office of Water Programs OWP. The three-digit number directly below the name of the county is the unique number for that county as prescribed in the U. The fol- lowing abbreviations are used: As shown in the illustration of an entry on page 00, the remark "plant being modified" is anno- tated by the symbol The symbol also ap- pears under the column last headed NEEDS to show that the remark pertains to this particular data entry.

Places Aito A-63001 were created since have been assigned a population determined by a local census or agreement. This is the daily average over the period Aito A-63001 a year so Aito A-63001 to consider seasonal fluctuations. This figure, when it is related to the bottom entry of the column, will measure the relative amount of design capacity used.

This figure, when related to the top entry of the column, will show whether or not the plant is adequate or overloaded. The first Aito A-63001 of the group signifies the major treatment method, process, or equipment; subsequent letters in the group describe Aito A-63001.

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The symbols are arranged in the order in which the treatment processes occur.

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