Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer Driver for Mac Download

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Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer Driver

Expanding on the original Qu, the Chrome Edition adds 16 channels of automated mic mixing, a spectrogram display, and additional monitor mixes. This powerful channel mixer offers 14 mixes, an easy-to-use touchscreen, multitrack recording, motorized faders, and much more. Guitar Center's Product Spotlight showcases the Allen & Heath QU Channel Rack Mount Digital. The small-format portable digital mixer marketplace is currently a healthy and The new QU16 from Allen & Heath has generated a lot of interest in the audio.

Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer Vista

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Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer Driver

The screen overview also follows the control being turned. This can be confusing and time consuming.

Allen & Heath QU16

Because every mic input is presented on its own fader for fast, easy control, this makes Qu the perfect mixer for first-time converts from analogue to digital and those not comfortable working with several layers of faders. Total Recall Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer digital mixing is about being able to save and recall Scenes snapshots at the press of a button.

Qu can store up to full Scenes for recall and Channels or Mixes can be made Safe from being Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer. Qu features 17 motorized ALPS faders — 16 allow instant access to all input channels and masters over 2 layers, and a dedicated master fader dynamically follows the Mix selection. Presets for vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, brass and woodwind have been painstakingly crafted to offer you the best possible starting point for the source and your microphone of choice.

Download ProFactory preset libraries here: Qu boasts 4 stereo RackFX engines, featuring lovingly crafted emulations of legendary Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer reverbs, gated reverbs, delays, modulators, flangers and more.

Allen & Heath Qu Chrome – Thomann UK

Capturing multitrack recordings of your shows has never been so easy. A selectable stereo pair can be recorded alongside the 16 Mono channels, and multitrack audio can be played back to the 16 Mono inputs plus ST1.

If you select the other fader layer, the processing module stays focused on the current channel until you press another channel select button. In other words, when you change fader layers the channel select doesn't automatically jump to the other channel controlled by that particular fader.

Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer 64x

Because six of the mix buses are stereo and Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer only require one fader per pair, there are enough physical faders to control the line inputs, effects returns and mix buses all within the second layer, and so once again everything is kept simple and neat. And of course, the master fader is separate and therefore always available, Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer matter what the other 16 faders are controlling.

The initial factory presets cover most requirements, but can be fine-tuned as required.

The attractive individual interfaces can be used to impress onlookers or customers, but they are also very useful in helping you remember what they do, and quickly identifying your go-to Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer. The recall function on the QU16 is accessed by means of the touchscreen, which isn't the fastest way of dealing with quick live changes, but recall and 'next scene go' functions can be assigned to the user-defined buttons over on the right-hand side of the surface.

Scenes can be named a neat onscreen pop-up keyboard makes this easyand various parameters can be excluded from the scene changes.

Allen&Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer Driver for Windows 7

There are as yet no drivers available Where deeper editing than the control panel allows is necessary, the touchscreen and encoder allow for detailed parameter adjustment. It will re-record its own playback track, so you could overdub live sources if you wanted to.

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