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Asus L8400B series PC Driver

A6T Series Notebook PC. Exceptional Performance & Value! Rev 04/20/ 2-Spindle, Pentium M. 15” /” TFT. Compact for Mobility. BCTTMPRIUD The topic of this pdf is centered on ASUS EEE PC AX. SERVICE MANUAL Asus Eee PC User's Manual Eee PC Series ASUS devices laptop service manual, asus l laptop service manual, asus Free Asus. : AC Adapter/Power Supply&Cord for Asus a1 f l7 l la l m1 m5 m5a: Computers & Accessories.

Asus L8400B series PC Treiber

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Asus L8400B series PC Driver

Asus L8400 Service Manual

It should be possible, though. Automatic power down Normally the laptop will reboot then Ctrl-Alt-Del is pressed.

The turn off power the power switch on the front must be pressed to the right for a few seconds. I Asus L8400B series PC of no way to have the system shut down when the lid is closed. If this is not enough, add the command hdparm -S 72 to your startup scripts -S 72 makes the disk spin down in 6 minutes, read hdparm 8 for detail on the number.

To actually get the disk to spin down you have to avoid regular disk access when the laptop is not in active use. Some daemons will regularly read or write files and these programs must then be avoided. Also watch out for cron jobs run with very short intervals. Some distributions have several crontabs. Exim is a good choice, as it can use inetd for Asus L8400B series PC mail i.


As most mail is delivered immediately anyway, Asus L8400B series PC just have a queue run every three hours, nighttime excluded. Another potential problem can be the --MARK-- messages syslogd 8 writes to the system log, usually with 20 minutes intervals. Since they are rarely needed on a laptop they can just as well be disabled.

LPRNG can also prevent the harddisk from spinning down.

Asus L8400b Series Notebook Pc Driver Download

If there are jobs in a print queue but the printer is not connected lpd will try to send the jobs every ten minutes. See the section on X-windows for more information. I usually run my laptop on AC power most of the time, so I use the battery sparingly.

I have no independent measurements of battery life. Peripherals Modem The modem is unsupported under Linux. It is a winmodem integrated on the soundchip. Please help if you have any information worth sharing. Add a comment at the end of this page. The site www.

Drivers Update: Asus L8400B series PC

Under Linux 2. I have no idea as to why they changed the name. The only problem is with power management and suspend mode. Please see the section on Power Management. My laptop comes with a 10Gb IBM harddisk but it can be replaced with any 2.

Asus L8400B series PC Driver for Windows Mac

The hdparm program is needed for this in Debian it is in the hwtools package. The command to use is: Most notably, the -m NN option causes problems. It works with the psaux kernel driver.

- Notebook Battery Models from ASUS

This isn't something a laptop's usually called upon to do, but I of course was mean to it and tried. Picture quality The L's active matrix screen isn't up there with the best ones available today; its vertical viewing angle range isn't very large, and so there's noticeable brightness shift when your eye-line isn't perfectly perpendicular to the middle of the screen, at normal viewing distance.

It's not rubbish, mind you, and the horizontal angle range Asus L8400B series PC fine two people can look at the screen at once with no troublebut it's not very impressive compared with Asus L8400B series PC top-flight laptops, and it makes image editing a bit annoying. The active matrix screens used by all current laptops have three transistors for every pixel - one each for the red, green and blue "subpixels".

Which means 2, transistors on a by screen like the L's. Commonly, a few subpixels are stuck on or off to varying extents.

Different LCD panel manufacturers have different tolerance thresholds for pixel errors.

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