Asus Rampage III Black Edition Treiber

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Asus Rampage III Black Edition Driver

Asus Rampage III Black Edition gaming motherboard. Asus Rampage III Black Edition PC mainboard hardware details, and breakdown of Asus Rampage III. ASUS Rampage III Black Edition Motherboard Review. While P67 and Z68 is all the rage, if you are looking for the most powerful computing. Asus Rampage III Black Edition Motherboard. The ASUS Rampage III Black Edition ROG Motherboard features the Intel® X58 chipset and supports socket.

Asus Rampage III Black Edition Treiber Windows XP

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Asus Rampage III Black Edition Driver

DIMM Post, for finer-grained performance tuning and overclocking. A number of other new features and design elements have also been added for the benefit of hard-core PC gamers. One of Asus' major selling points for the motherboard is its use of extra-durable components to increase reliability and durability. What is single core floating point speed?

Asus Rampage III Black Edition Review

What is single core integer speed? What is the GeekBench single core score? What is a CPU?

What is the effective CPU speed index? What is overclocking?

The box is somewhat flashy, yet elegant at the same time. Inside the bundle continues to impress with tons of welcome accessories. A small chipset fan, zip ties, thermal probes, and a 2-channel headphone cable are also provided with the bundle.

Asus Rampage III Black Edition Driver

The MOSFETs are cooled using a heat pipe based heat sink which connects to the north bridge which is typical on high end motherboards. In this case, conventional dual locking tab style DIMM slots would create a situation where the video card would need to be removed in order to install additional memory Asus Rampage III Black Edition. It is a combination of discrete networking and audio card.


Killer NICs are known for their superior network latencies lower pings and greater network bandwidth. With the NPU being dedicated to the card it relieves the system of the task of processing network traffic. The audio on the ThunderBolt is Asus Rampage III Black Edition at the gamer that believes headphones are the way to go. According to ASUS, 4. ASUS assigned the card with three different game modes depending on the type of headphones used ear buds, gaming and Professional headsets.

ASUS even went as far as to add three gaming genre profiles to the application that comes Asus Rampage III Black Edition with the card. These are advantages for both the expert overclocker as well as the novice, since ASUS engineers have tweaked the micro codes.

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First of all, the BIOS is extremely easy to navigate, for instance when you have to change a numeral settings in the Asus Rampage III Black Edition all that is required is to type in the value from your keypad. There is even support for 3TB plus hard drives as well.

The first option is the GPU. This screen makes it easy to tell the user just what bandwidth the GPU and memory modules are running. The next option is CPU Level Up which is a simple way to allow the motherboard to set all the perimeters for a modest overclock. Our test CPU has the options of 3. Like we stated before, the Rampage Black has support for memory as fast as MHz despite the official specifications, which Asus Rampage III Black Edition ideal for the extreme memory overclocker.

Asus ROG Rampage III Black Edition

These enthusiasts know that memory bandwidth can be just as beneficial as CPU frequency in some cases. Because there are so many to choose from, we are glad to see their purpose and any setting recommendations in the column off on the right side.

Asus Rampage III Black Edition Windows Vista 64-BIT

This feature will allow the end user to flash either of the bootable BIOS chips without the need of a graphics card, memory, or even a CPU. All that is needed is a flash drive and a Asus Rampage III Black Edition supply. What this high-end board has in common with the competition is the presence of Bigfoot Network's Killer Gigabit network chip. Touted to improve your internet connection by reducing latency and prioritizing your gaming bits, the Killer is also used in the G1.

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