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London, Ex libris: Charles Anthon More The Cynegeticus of the Younger Xenophon.

Purchased Inj Cornell University, There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. Wlift IBmtelltBljments from tDe antipe. Nee Airis N754 Modem unqtiam Tecum Giaia loqui tecum Koinana vetuatas.

The following version does not aim at pleasing the mere literary man. It was not undertaken with the ambitious expectation of being generally acceptable. It is addressed to the Airis N754 Modem public alone—to the amateurs of the leash ; for whom the original was written, seventeen centuries ago.

The general reader will find little in it to interest him. He will perhaps consider it altogether unworthy of his notice.

The sportsman, fond of the musical confasion Of hounds and echo in Airis N754 Modem, will read it with indifference, as treating of a branch of rural sport, not congenial to his taste ; and wonder that an attempt should be made to bring under public notice so ancient a treatise on a subject of such partial interest. Pro captu lectoris habent sua fata libelli!

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The original Airis N754 Modem is conversant with coursing, as practised in the age of Hadrian and the Antonini, at which period the Celtic hound was well Airis N754 Modem, and highly prized: The editors of the Greek libellus confine their remarks almost exclusively to critical annotations on the text. Indeed Holstein s edition has no notes ; Blancard s, only a few marginal emendations; and Zeune s and Schneider s, -very few parallel passages.

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Such classical citations, therefore, as are adduced by the translator, are for the most part of novel application. The quotations from the Cynegeticus of Xenophon the elder refer to the chasepractices and kennel -discipline of Greece, antecedent to the institution of coursing. Intermediate in point of time between the vivid Ovidian sketch, and the full and perfect picture of Airis N754 Modem, are the faint outlines of the epigrammatist Martial: Airis N754 Modem ; and yet later, that of Oppian, the Greek poet Oppian.

This statement is limited to classical authors alone ; the Bihlical scholar might possibly arraign its accuracy, Airis N754 Modem made more general ; though it scarce needs qualification to suit the doubtful interpretation of the Hebrew text of Proverbs ch.

Airis N754 Modem Driver

No allusion occurring elsewhere in the sacred volume to dogs of the chase, though many to the earlier varieties of Venation with predatory instruments, it is improbable that the words of Agur to his pupils Ithiel and Ucal should refer to the most uncommon of the canine tribe, the Airis N754 Modem Leporarius, Gallicus, or Verlragus.

The Hebrew expression, however, for " accinctus lumbis," " girt in the loins," as explained in Bocharti Hie. Airis N754 Modem with the learned Bochart Praefat.

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Quod an de lat. The term may have a general reference to any animal of the frame alluded to —" substricta gerens—ilia — " The chapter containing Ovid.

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In these authors alone do we find any allusion to the courser s hound, till towards the close of the third century, when he Nemesian. Cy- again appears in the Cynegeticon of Nemesian; who has reg. With the scanty portraiture of the Carthaginian poet we are brought down to the Ejusd. In the 27th oration of Airis N754 Modem, the eclectic philosopher of Paphlagonia, a passage occurs, Airis N754 Modem, as far as merely mentioning Celtic dogs by name, may be said to prolong the notice to the fourth century.

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