AOpen AK72 VIA Driver

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AOpen AK72 VIA Driver

It's the 2nd generation Athlon motherboard. It supports AGP 4x. It supports PC SDRAM. Yes, it is a new motherboard based on the VIA. AOpen AX64 PRO motherboard; AOpen MK33 motherboard; VIA Technologies EPIA; ELITEGROUP AOpen AK72 motherboard; AOpen AX AOPEN AK72 SLOT 1 ISA PCI AGP SDRAM. Model: AK . AOpen AKL VIA K8T 8X AGP Socket Motherboard w/ AMD Athlon64 CPU.

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AOpen AK72 VIA Driver

All boards have access to this extended functionality.

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However, the additional interfaces do not change anything regarding the existing bandwidth problems when connecting special peripherals like for example a TV card. On the other hand, the query function for the opening of the housing is very useful, especially for the OEM business. The KX chipset supports all modern ACPI AOpen AK72 VIA Advanced Configuration and Power Interface to lower the power consumption of all devices and to shorten the boot process drastically.

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Similarly coded connectors are still pretty rare in peripheral devices, however. All boards in the test field possess color-coded connectors according to the PC99 specification.

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Completely Unused - The IrDA Interface In the era of wireless communication more and more peripheral devices possess an infrared interface for data transfer. This includes for example notebooks, cameras, speakers, cell phones or organizers.

The majority of the test participants offer an appropriate Fast IrDA interface on board, but the right cable with an IR unit for data transmission is missing. The interesting point: Most manufacturers do not even carry this accessory AOpen AK72 VIA an option.

There is full support from the operating system side, so we are not blaming Microsoft in this area - Windows 98 SE as well as Windows offer IrDA support with different transfer standards. With this in mind, it should not be too big of a problem for AOpen AK72 VIA motherboard manufacturers to optionally offer suitable cables and sensors.

AOpen AK72 driver

AOpen AK72 VIA, quite a lot of users would like to synchronize their data from the notebook with the desktop PC via an infrared link. Neglected and often unused: The IrDA interface is integrated on all boards. However, without the appropriate cable with IR sensor it has no practical use. On top of that: AOpen AK72 VIA manufacturers do not even offer IR units as an option.

Power Consumption at the Limit? It should be widely known by now, that boards with Slot A for Athlon processors have high power consumption.

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Just the MHz version of the Athlon processor itself uses up to 68 watts of electrical power. When a modern graphics card with Nvidia's GeForce chip is added, the voltage controller on the motherboard operates at the limit. Consequently the circuit transistors heat up very AOpen AK72 VIA.

A weak controller in a fully equipped PC system might reach its capacity limit due to the number of components, which could lead to a system crash or AOpen AK72 VIA operation. The manufacturers integrated very different controller options on the 12 boards we tested.

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Epox and Asus, for example, installed a very safe solution by implementing generously designed power transistors and capacitors controller stage. During the whole test these two candidates had the lowest heat AOpen AK72 VIA.

The controller of the Jetway AS left a less solid impression: During the test run the temperature of the power transistors increased even with very few peripheral components.

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