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AST VGA Trident Driver

VGA; Willow VGA-TV/Publisher's, VGA-TV + Genlock; Trident Microsystems (VGA ADAPTER/); AST Research, Inc. (VGA Plus (rebranded Paradise)). VGA Sis (SiS86C) VGA adapter Mono x Toshiba T, T or T Mono x SDVGA Trident TVGA AST VGA Graphics Card Video Drivers manuals BIOS Ovladače chipset Slot Socket information driver VGA Video Drivers Trident Win NT / 1/3

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AST VGA Trident Driver

The VT provides excellent video playback. DOS performance is mediocre, even on recent chips. Great benefit from linear addressing mode VBE 2. They both have the 'ALI' acronym.

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Acer Labs also makes good quality motherboard chipsets. Avance Logic: Low end chipsets, fairly common a while ago for PCI. Anybody know if these guys are still in the video chipset business? Excellent PCI bus performance. ALG Not listed on web site.

ALG No info provided. No further info.

AST VGA Trident 64 Bit

Acer Labs chip: Fast bus interface. Also Boca Voyager.

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Low-to-mid-end DRAM-based cards acceleratedsome laptop chipsets. These were first generation VLB cards.

AST VGA Trident All chips in this series have at least a limited form of acceleration: Has truecolor DAC. The following chips have a 'BitBLT engine', which implies better acceleration opaque move, invert, text. Max 2Mb. CL-GD Slightly enhanced version of the DOS performance was mediocre.

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Upgrade to 2Mb buys very little interlaced modes only. A bit faster than the CL-GD54M40 with integrated filters.

AST VGA Trident 64 BIT Driver

The is an efficient chip with excellent DOS performance and motion video. The was often equipped with only 1Mb, which severely crippled performance.

Video acceleration. CL-GD 3D accelerator. Creative will be using it.

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The rapid introduction of 3D graphics caught many graphics suppliers off guard, including Trident. Meanwhile, in the laptop market, Trident was an early pioneer of embedded AST VGA Tridenta semiconductor manufacturing technique which combines a graphics-controller and framebuffer memory on a single chip.

The resulting combo-chip saved precious board-space by eliminating several RAM chips normally required for framebuffer storage as well as providing other advantages, AST VGA Trident by a higher manufacturing cost-per-bit. When the information thus obtained failed to work, I procured the OTI data book. Sort of makes me wonder

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