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Hemispheric asymmetry of globus pallidus relates to alpha modulation in reward-related attentional tasks Subcortical modulation of visual alpha oscillations. View ORCID Aylward EH, Reiss AL, Reader MJ, Singer HS, Brown JE, Denckla MB. Basal ganglia .. Nat Neurosci. ; – doi/nn Alpha rhythms dominate brain activity in occipital visual cortices (Groppe et al., ; Keitel and Gross, Researchers have therefore used alpha-rhythmic visual stimulation in attempts to align the phase Crosse MJ,; Butler JS,; Lalor EC Nature – doi/a0 pmid Alpha Vision driver. Alpha Vision Alpha Vision Camera Drivers - 7 drivers found. Filter: Show All MJ driver, [more], Windows 98SE. ac

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Alpha Vision MJ-541 Driver

Alpha Vision MJ-541, James F. Nelson, S. The s saw the beginning of systematic efforts to examine interactions among different sensory modalities at the level of the single neuron. Artal is a pioneer in exploring the human eye with new technologies and designed new ophthalmic corrections.

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Perceptual learning is considered to be a manifestation of external stimulus-driven neural Alpha Vision MJ-541 in the brain Carmel and Carrasco, and has recently been linked to long-term potentiation LTP and long-term depression LTD e. LTP and LTD are long-lasting alterations in the efficiency of synaptic transmission, typically induced by brief periods of coordinated, high LTPor low LTD frequent neuronal activity at a synapse see Malenka and Bear, for a review.

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Since the pioneering work of Bliss and colleaguesLTP and later LTD became key candidates Alpha Vision MJ-541 neuronal plasticity and learning in almost any part of the mammalian brain Bliss and Gardner-Medwin, ; Bliss and Lomo, ; Nicoll et Alpha Vision MJ-541. Role of Attention in Perceptual Learning One candidate for a link between alpha and perceptual learning is attention see section Alpha Rhythm and Attention.

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Generally, learning, attention, and memory appear to be strongly related Gilbert et al. More Alpha Vision MJ-541 30 years ago, Schneider and colleagues Schneider and Shiffrin, ; Shiffrin and Schneider, proposed that learning the automatic detection of visual categories reduces the dependence of performance from attentional control, resulting in the automatization of the task. Later on, several studies in the nineties reported that attention is often required for the consolidation of non-declarative memory in visual perceptual learning Shiu and Pashler, ; Ahissar and Hochstein, ; Fahle and Morgan, Alpha Vision MJ-541 Braun, ; Ito et al.

More recent studies observed visual perceptual learning exclusively when subjects were consciously involved in a task, suggesting the interplay of top-down guided processes Ahissar and Hochstein, with relevant influence of attention Roelfsema et al.

In experiments in which subjects were asked to give a response depending Alpha Vision MJ-541 different visual features of the presented stimuli, it was demonstrated that observers show perceptual learning only for the features that were attended Shiu and Pashler, ; Ahissar and Hochstein, In this line, long-range coupling has been reported between frontal and sensory areas during attention Gregoriou et al.

At the same time, the alpha rhythm has been implicated in Alpha Vision MJ-541 long-range communication between cortical areas Von Stein and Sarnthein, As detailed further below, electrophysiological studies in cats investigating the coupling between different brain areas identified signals in the theta-alpha range 4—12 Hz to be relevant in top-down modulation of incoming stimuli Von Stein et al. However, Alpha Vision MJ-541 is accumulating indicating that perceptual learning can also occur when subjects are not involved in a task and exert no conscious effort.

In these cases top-down attention has less or no influence Zajonc, ; Skrandies and Fahle, ; Watanabe et al. Perceptual Learning Via Time-Dependent Sensory Stimulation Recent work suggests that active training may not be required in perceptual learning see Beste and Dinse, for review.

Instead, changes in Alpha Vision MJ-541 can be effectively induced by mere exposure to repetitive sensory stimulation RSS. Such training-independent sensory stimulation induces lasting changes in perception and goal-directed behavior without any explicit task training. Ragert et al.

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HFS consisted of pulse trains that were applied to the tip of the right index finger with a stimulation frequency of 20 Hz using either cutaneous or electrical stimulation. For the visual modality, recent studies have shown that time-dependent stimulation can affect visual performance Beste et al. Alpha Vision MJ-541

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Beste et al. Task relevant or irrelevant features of the stimuli were used for high- or low-frequency stimulation. HFS 20 Hz comprising a 40 min presentation of Alpha Vision MJ-541 relevant feature stimuli Alpha Vision MJ-541 an increase in performance Figure 2A. In another approach, time-dependent stimulation was applied in human observers to mimic spike-timing-dependent plasticity to induce plasticity in high-level vision McMahon and Leopold, The authors used asynchronous presentation of faces to influence the perception of face identity.

Each panel shows the results of different experiments depending on the visual-stimulation protocols used. Stimulation of the relevant luminance or irrelevant orientation feature Alpha Vision MJ-541 be LTP A - or LTD B -like, applied to Alpha Vision MJ-541 bilateral or only the right eye unilateral. Black and white circles represent performance on the right and left side of the fixation cross, respectively.

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Alpha Vision MJ-541 bars are standard errors of the mean. Figure adapted with permission from Beste et al. Visual attention is also subject to a complex interplay between current goals, selection history and physical salience Awh et al. This is a theoretical framework of attention as a whole, defining it as an entity consisting of three independent neural networks executive, orienting, alerting Posner and Petersen, However, given the existence of more elaborated models of visual attention Alpha Vision MJ-541, our understanding of visual attention development could be more fine-grained.

This is especially true of digitally presented information which commonly features complex, hyperlinked text and non-linear presentation formats. TVA therefore Alpha Vision MJ-541 an alternative interpretation to other theories considering these two processes as happening serially Posner and Rothbart, and separately, either viewing attentional selection as a requirement for recognition Broadbent,or Alpha Vision MJ-541 recognition precedes selection Deutsch and Deutsch, In order to quantitatively investigate these parameters, two experimental tasks need to be performed: Similar conditions apply for the partial report, however, participants are asked to only report target stimuli while ignoring distractors distinguishable through cues such as different colors.

This method of TVA testing was initially designed by Alpha Vision MJ-541 et al. Since the late s it has been widely used and has acted as a theoretical foundation for visual attention studies in different areas of research Bundesen and Habekost,; Habekost, The broad application of TVA-based attention assessments led to Duncan et al.

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