Argox OS-202DT PPLB Driver UPDATE

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Argox OS-202DT PPLB Driver

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Argox OS-202DT PPLB Drivers (2019)

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Argox OS-202DT PPLB Driver

Power Stepper, Kopf the Components unit to insure compliance.

The user is cautioned changes or modifications not expressly approved by board laminator Power Supply, Stepper, Schaltplan Stromversorgung Board DiagramSchaltplan Argox OS-202DT PPLB Power Supply Cutter Board Diagram No Diagram Powerfor Supply In noBoard: We believe soon you will find that you have made a Argox OS-202DT PPLB choice! This booklet is a small gift from us.

It is intended for helping you to know your printer better, then further Argox OS-202DT PPLB optimize it. Basically, this booklet contains two parts: In the part of the operation guidance, we will furnish you with a lot of complementary illustrations, so you may pick up those operation guides more quickly. In the latter chapters of Trouble Shooting, Maintenance as well as Reference Technical information, which we think, you may need them just in case. Therefore, for your quick reference, we try Argox OS-202DT PPLB table them as much as possible.

Enjoy your reading and have a good time with your printer!

Argox printer drivers

Diagram Stepper Motor Logic There are two ways you can do it: Inspect the outer appearances of both the box and the printer for possible damage. Raise the top cover of the printer to see Argox OS-202DT PPLB the media compartments are in order.

If damages did Argox OS-202DT PPLB, immediately file the claim to the shipping company for settlement. Sample Media Having performed the primary inspections, next step, Ribbon please check whether you have received the following accessories together with the printer. If there is any item missing, contact your local dealer to get it.

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No sample media and ribbon are packed with AP 2. The Power Adapter has a barrel connector on one end that must be inserted into the power jack on the back of the printer. Plug the other end of Argox OS-202DT PPLB cord into an appropriate AC electrical outlet.

Argox OS-202DT PPLB X64 Driver Download

When plugging the connector into power jack, please leave the power switch Argox OS-202DT PPLB "O" position and don't touch the 36 pin parallel connector. This section is not applicable to the Argox OS-202DT PPLB thermal printing. Lift the top cover to expose the media compartment. Unlatch the print head module by pushing the two white release levers on the sides toward the rear.


Turn over the print head module to expose the ribbon Argox OS-202DT PPLB holder. Unwrap the ribbon roll pack and separate the ribbon roll and the bare core. Attach the edge of the ribbon on the bare core and wind it a little bit onto the core. Insert the ribbon roll Argox OS-202DT PPLB the supply holder. Turn back the print head module and then insert the bare core into the pick-up holder.

Turn the wheel of the print head module to ensure the ribbon is tightly wound. Press down the print Argox OS-202DT PPLB module firmly till you hear a snap.

Argox OS-202DT PPLB Treiber Windows XP

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