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To ensure the very best 3Com service and support, take the time to replaced, at 3Com's option, for as long as the adapter (Melbourne) (61) (3) Ill {will it ' 2i! ! ; ill? 25!! % -. Fina-5!':2 Iva i. . 25am v73§€flz5i m.1 $ {3Com aim 3com Driver for Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10, 8, XP. Uploaded on 1/15/, downloaded times, receiving a 85/ rating by

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Figure 1.

3Com 9515 There are four basic ways in which VLANs are defined: Each method is appropriate for meeting different user needs and in different network environments, and there are 3Com 9515 situations where it is advantageous to utilize multiple methods within a single network environment. Therefore, it is imperative that a vendors VLAN solution feature a considerable degree of flexibility.

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What implications will the chosen method have on network traffic as the network grows? There are two general ways in which VLAN membership infor- mation is communicated across multiple switches: Implicit communication Explicit communication Implicit communication can refer to port-defined VLANs within 3Com 9515 single switch.

This would be found in smaller networks or networks with large numbers of users on each 3Com 9515 segment. More commonly, however, implicit communication refers to VLANs defined at layer 3the information identifying VLAN membership is found in the packet header. Explicit communication of VLAN information can be accomplished in three ways, two of which are industry 3Com 9515.

The third method is proprietary frame tagging or encapsulation.

3Com Transcend VLANs Leveraging Virtual LAN Technology to Make Networking Easier

A more detailed discussion of be automated? How much control should be the advantages and disadvantages of each left to the network administrator?

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Technology Report. 3Com 9515 general, these levels represent varying 3Com is presently delivering a solution degrees of trade-off between the reduction of based on the edge-routing model, integrating administrative effort through automated conthe routing function into its LANplex Highfiguration and the enhancement of adminisFunction switches. Integrated routing trative control.

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In each network environment, optimizes access to network resources utilized the equilibrium between these two poles is dif- 3Com 9515 members of multiple VLANs for example, ferent. Therefore, as with VLAN definition, e-mail servers, centralized database servers, the level of automation in configuring VLANs and so onbecause inter-VLAN traffic does depends on the particular network environment not need to be forwarded to an external router and specific business needs of each customer.

Such traffic is routed by the Because of the range of customer needs in this LANplex switch, providing wire-speed access area, 3Com 9515 Transcend VLANs architecture to these centralized resources. This the only method for intermembership can be governed either by the VLAN communication. As VLANs become more dynamic, the VLAN solution, the technique used for interneed for routing inter-VLAN traffic will disVLAN communication depends on 3Com 9515 organiappear; if an application calls for two or more zations specific needs and overall network end-stations to communicate for a period of environment.

Here again, flexibility is essential. The one-armed router method in many of its products until the It is this 3Com 9515 After considering the issues outlined above ability that so many customers have declared a and determining how VLANs should be requirement before they will deploy VLANs in deployed in their network, customers need to their networks.

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Transcend VLANs offers an array of workgroup switches. It address.

3Com 9515 to other protocols, it is IP has repeatedly been 3Com 9515 in the netthat causes much of the time-consuming working industry that customers generally do hassle of administering moves and changes. Transcend VLANs trator to physically go to the users workdelivers value to the customer in seven key station 3Com 9515 reconfigure that users IP address areas: By defining Reduction of the cost of VLANs by IP address, a administering moves and Transcend user who moves from one changes VLANs archiphysical location to another More cost-effective tecture will could remain in his or her broadcast containment support all levels of autoVLAN in the case of IP, than routers mated configuthe term virtual subnet is Support for multimedia ration and can sometimes used 3Com 9515 place of applications and efficient allow network virtual LAN without multicast control administrators having to update the work Enhanced security to set policies stations IP address.

3Com Ethernet Computer Network

Automation of network governing how the network VLANs defined by IP administration and manreconfigures address also eliminate the agement itself when a 3Com 9515 difficult process Reduced need for routing user moves. For further fleximonitoring bility, 3Com allows multiple virtual IP Reducing the Cost of Administering Moves subnets to coexist on a single physical and Changes segment, a technique called multinetting.

Deployment of Transcend VLANs will save Multinetting enables administrators to customers significant amounts of money by maintain logical groups of users without the reducing the resources required for adminisconstraint of physical location. For customers who are moving rapidly to Even when using what 3Com 9515 seem to be the a pure private LAN switching architecture most labor-intensive method of VLAN defi that is, one user per 3Com 9515 portthe liminitionVLANs defined by port group tations of VLANs defined by MAC-layer administrators can use 3Coms Transcend address 3Com 9515 a shared media network enviVLAN Manager application discussed later in ronment for example, multiple broadcasts this paper to update a users VLAN memover the same physical segment become bership by a simple drag-and-drop process.

In this way, initial configuration, as well as moves 3Com 9515 changes, can be automated. Transcend VLAN Manager also enables the network administrator to manually change a users VLAN membership when necessary, such as when an employee transfers from one department to another. As the customers need for automation of moves and changes increases, 3Com delivers the functionality to meet that need.

As mentioned before, Transcend 3Com 9515 will support all levels of automated configuration and can allow network administrators to set policies governing how the network reconfigures itself when a user moves.

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