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3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro Driver

Enhanced GeForce with higher clocks and added second texture unit per pipeline. Palcal's cards: Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS. In this test we compare the 32 MB version of this GeForce2 GTS graphics card with the competitors Aopen PA Pro, Asus AGP V Pure. The Pro delivers nearly as much speed as an Ultra at a lower price.

3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro Windows 7 64-BIT

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3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro Driver

We have observed similar inconsistencies with 3dfx as well.

Their Voodoo graphics cards also surface under the brand STB at individual retailers - mainly because in each case the manufacturer failed to explain the details of the acquisition to the distributors. So what actually is the deal with Hercules graphics cards from Guillemot? Hercules used to be an independent company with financial problems, that filed for bankruptcy in August Guillemot decided 3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro continue the Hercules brand in November They probably wanted to acknowledge Hercules' achievements as a pioneer in the graphics industry.

3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro Driver Windows XP

The relatively old company, founded in the small town Hercules near San Francisco inhad established a standard for monochrome monitors in the 80's, that consequently was named after the company. From the mid 90's until the end 3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro concentrated on producing graphics cards - but never owned a fab.

During this time Hercules tried very hard to distinguish itself from the other manufacturers of graphics cards. For a few individual chips this strategy succeeded, but the other chips received harsh criticism from various test labs and customers.

The company had shipped graphics cards with chips that often were tuned above the specifications. Now and then their products suffered from instabilities and a bad picture quality due to so-called pixel noise.

Guillemot also sets the memory clock to instead of the usual MHz. The heat sinks give an encouraging impression, but this does not necessarily mean that this product is the ultimate candidate for overclocking. You will find out later on whether the heat sinks really make any sense. Markets And Competitors If you are interested in the GeForce2 graphics cards that we already tested in an earlier article, just click on the links below.

The features of the cards from Elsa and Creative are a little disappointing. Both cards do not come with any video input or output. Hercules boasts that its heatsinks have been crafted to allow the fastest speeds possible for the card, and if you watch the thing in action, you'll be surprised that the card just doesn't lift the computer off the ground 3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro its sheer wind-power.

3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro Drivers Download

And for 3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro of you that like that high-resolution word processing, the card also boosts your 2D resolution up to a whopping x with 16 million colors, and a 60Hz refresh rate. What you won't be able to do, however, is use the DVI-out. Sorry kids, that's only with the more expensive Ultra version. The card also comes with a copy of Power DVD, a very touch-friendly software utility that allows you to play DVDs, using the card's "motion compensation engine" to provide a clearer picture.

Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro PCWorld

It's a great interface that has all the features you expect from a DVD utility. I popped in Aliens, and was suitably impressed with the clarity, especially in fast action sequences, and in scenes with deep blacks. This is a gaming site, so no matter how nice your DVDs play on this card, it doesn't matter if you aren't able to bust out those insane resolutions 3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro framerates, something important if you're spending the amount of money that you are on this card.

So without further ado, the numbers: The Prophet won the battle, by a narrow margin, with the 32MB card 3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro frighteningly well against its 64MB cousin.

Keep in mind though that cards like the Prophet only show their power at higher resolutions. Next, we did the standard helicopter simulation test on 3DMarks in three resolution levels. The Voodoo card, as you can tell, was flailing against the GeForce competition -- but don't write it 3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro just yet.

That damn 32MB GeForce refused to fall away from the competition, that is, until the higher details and resolutions hit.

Blue Wonder? The Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS

At x, with detail and textures at full, the 32MB just couldn't compete. The Ultra, however, showed the largest leap, not surprising given its bigger memory pipeline, MHz, and triangle count. Next we ran the fun and nauseating 3D Prophet II GTS/GTS Pro III framerate test, with geometry and texture detail set to full. We ran the cards through a range of framerates, from x all the way up to x

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