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Behavioral findings support negative reciprocity in the UG, suggesting that implicit social norms overwrite explicit task instructions even in the absence of alleged social interaction. Observation enhances this effect. Fairness coding in the FRN was modulated by observation as a function of social anxiety, supporting the notion that altered sensitivity to equality in a Ame CF-2000 Webcam context may contribute to social avoidance in socially anxious individuals.

Introduction Human behavior is greatly influenced by the social context and underlying explicit and implicit social norms.

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But how exactly does the social context shape decisions and behavior? A large body of research has investigated social decision making as a pivotal aspect of human behavior. One of the most common experimental tasks in this line of research is the Ultimatum Game Ame CF-2000 Webcam 1.

In this game, two players have to divide a given amount of money or points amongst Ame CF-2000 Webcam according to a simple protocol. One player, the proposer, offers a portion of the money or points to the other, the responder.

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If the offer is accepted by the responder, each player receives the amount he was proposed to get. Crucially, if the offer is rejected, none of the players receive any money or points.

The UG thus introduces a conflict between economic self-interest, that is, maximization of the own payoff, and social motives such as reciprocity and inequity aversion. Previous work has shown that acceptance rates are substantially lower for unequal than for equal offers, even though responders can only maximize their payoffs by accepting all offers e.

This has often been ascribed to a natural tendency towards fairness 2. However, previous work has indicated Ame CF-2000 Webcam both fair behavior and perceptions of fairness Ame CF-2000 Webcam upon normative expectations about what is fair or appropriate in a given situation 6.

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Ame CF-2000 Webcam a proposer was derived of his free choice, unfair offers were Ame CF-2000 Webcam to a greater extent 7. Moreover, proposers tended to evade offering fair shares when their actions could not be detected by responders, indicating that proposers wanted to appear fair rather than actually be fair 389.

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The concept of negative reciprocity in the UG implies that another party is punished by the rejection, underlining the interactive character of the game. Notably, reduced acceptance rates for unfair as compared to fair offers have also been shown for allegedly computer-proposed offers, albeit to a Ame CF-2000 Webcam degree than for human-proposed ones 41011 Two possible explanations come to mind. First, this pattern may reflect a tendency of the subjects to vary their responses.

In line Ame CF-2000 Webcam this, very few subjects stick to the same response even if that would economically be the best option 12. Second, this pattern might reflect the notion that social motives are so strong they actually persist in the absence of actual social interaction.

Indeed, the mere notion of interaction, e. What is more, such Ame CF-2000 Webcam interaction is not even a prerequisite for deeming a situation social. The mere presence of an audience has been shown to impact behavior, facilitating performance on easy or well-trained task, and hindering performance on complex or unfamiliar Ame CF-2000 Webcam The notion of being observed and evaluated while performing has also been reported to be associated with increased electrophysiological responses to errors, likely due to increased error significance Surprisingly, how presence of an audience affects UG performance has not yet been systematically investigated.

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In previous studies that included an additional party in the UG, this party was an - often inactive - third player or a punishing party rather than a designated observer e. From a theoretical Ame CF-2000 Webcam, two scenarios are conceivable: One of the aims of the present study was therefore to clarify the effect of social observation on behavioral performance of the UG.

Aside from allowing investigation of behavioral aspects of social decision making, the UG can also provide insight into the neural mechanisms underlying fairness processing. Several studies have used electroencephalography EEG and event-related potentials ERPs to investigate brain responses to fair and unfair Ame CF-2000 Webcam in the UG.

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A medial frontal negativity occurring approximately to ms after offer presentation was more pronounced Ame CF-2000 Webcam unfair as compared to fair offers, an effect that was stronger in subjects with high fairness concerns This medial frontal negativity can also be interpreted as manifestation of feedback-related negativity FRN Ame CF-2000 Webcam, an ERP component typically assessed in response to performance feedback 2223 Ame CF-2000 Webcam studies have corroborated fairness coding in the FRN time-locked to offer presentation in the UG e.

Interestingly, the offer-locked FRN has also been shown to predict the decision to reject unfair offers 25 and may be modulated by the relationship between proposer and observer In addition to the FRN, the offer-locked P3, a later relative positivity in the ERP which has been linked to stimulus evaluation and decision processes 2829 and later, integrative stages of feedback processing that allow for coding of outcome ambivalence 30may also code for fairness

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