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Compatibility: AGFA ePHOTO: CL CL 34 CL 50 CL CL CL C CL CL CANON: A10 A20 A30 A40 ESD SD A A SX [52] U.S. Cl /, /, /, ing film strip at predetermined time intervals. . FRA1 * Agfa Gevaert Ag Method and. Agfa-Gevaert Aktiengesellschafl. Firma. 5*r- Thieme Hans; and Erwin V.. to Agfa-Gevaert Aktiengesellschaft. Adjustable Cl. Aahley, Kenneth D.

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Agfa CL307 Driver

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Still another object of the present invention is to provide a variable frequency oscillator directly coupled to a light emitting diode for energizing the light emitting Agfa CL307 at intervals determined by the frequency of the oscillator. Yet another Agfa CL307 of the present invention is to provide a timing light generator directly coupled to a light emitting diode for rendering the diode conductive at periodic intervals determined by the timing light generator.

Other objects, advantages and novel features of the present invention will become apparent from the following detailed description of the invention when considered in conjunction with the accompanying drawings. The input to the timing light generator may be any standard DC input source which is connected through a current limiting resistor 11 across Agfa CL307 filter network.

The filter network comprises capacitors 12 and 13 and zener diode all coupled in parallel. The capacitors filter out unwanted a.

The zener diode 14 sets the operating voltage for the Agfa CL307 12 and 13 and breaks down at predetermined voltage levels to protect the circuit from Agfa CL307. A resistor capacitor circuit having capacitor 15 in series with resistors 16, 17, 18 and 19 is coupled in parallel with the filter circuit.

The time Agfa CL307 of the resistor capacitor circuit may be varied by a switch The emitter electrode 23 of a unijunction transistor 22 having base electrodes 24 and 26 is connected to the resistor capacitor circuit between the capacitor 15 and the resistor network Agfa CL307 shown. The capacitor 15 is charged up by the dc.

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When the voltage across capacitor 15 reaches a sufficiently high level to render the emitter electrode 23 sufficiently negative with respect to base electrode 24, the unijunction transistor 22 breaks down and is conductive between base electrodes 24 and A negative pulse is thereby generated at base electrode 24 due to a voltage drop across a resistor Agfa CL307 conductivity of unijunction transistor 22 causes a voltage drop across resistor 27 and a current limiting resistor 28 to cause the capacitor 15 to discharge.

After the unijunction transistor 22 becomes conductive, the capacitor 15 discharges in a relatively short period Agfa CL307 time therethrough. This reduces the voltage at emitter electrodes 23 to a level at which unijunction transistor 22 is cut off. Agfa CL307

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This cut off of the unijunction transistor Agfa CL307 capacitor 15 to charge up again according to the time constant determined by the setting of switch 21 as well as the adjustment of resistors 16 and 18 to begin the cycle again. Thus, it is seen that the periodic generation of negative pulses at base electrode 24 may be varied by the setting of the switch 21 and adjustment of resistors 16 and The negative pulse at base 24 is coupled through a resistor 29 to a base electrode 31 of a PNP transistor 32 having an emitter electrode 33 and a collector electrode Agfa CL307 saturation of transistor 32 causes the voltage between the base electrode 31 and the emitter electrode 33 to become sufficiently negative to cause conduction of the transistor This conduction causes current to be passed through a diode 36 and through a resistor 37 via the electrodes 33 and Agfa CL307 of the transistor The current through resistor 37 is further passed through light emitting diode 38 and a diode Agfa CL307 shown in FIG.

Thus, it is seen that the periodic generation of negative pulses at base electrode 24 of unijunction transistor 23 determines the frequency of timing marks on film strip The diode 39 provides reverse voltage protection to the light emitting diode 38 in the event that the leads are mistakenly reversed. Since the light emitting diode 38 is rather sensitive, such reverse current would harm it.

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The diode 39 prevents any such harm. Accordingly it is seen that the present invention provides a timing light generator having an oscillator circuit directly coupled to Agfa CL307 light emitting diode.

With particular reference to the drawing there is illustrated a connector body connected to a source of electrical power through a usual electrical power Agfa CL307 cable Agfa CL307. The connector body 10 is constructed to be selectively connected to the flanged power inlet 12 which is secured to the wall W of a mobile unit, for example, a refrigeration truck or the like.

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The power inlet 12 is, in turn, electrically connected in a primary electrical circuit of the mobile unit, such as the refrigeration circuit shown in Agfa CL307. An auxiliary circuit switch assembly 14 Agfa CL307 a switch 30 is connected in an auxiliary circuit to be controlled, such as the ignition circuit for the engine of the mobile Agfa CL307, as shown in FIG. The switch 30 is designed to be normally closed allowing the ignition circuit to be actuated; however, when the primary circuit power supply connector parts 10 and 12 are connected, as a result of their construction the switch 30 is opened, thus preventing the actuation of the ignition circuit.

The power Agfa CL307 12 is provided with a flanged metal shell 16, insulation body member 18 and contact blades 20, one of which may be formed to function as a key and be a grounding contact.

The leads of cable C are wired to the terminals of contact blades The insulation body Agfa CL307 18 includes a bore 22 and a counterbored seat 24, arranged to accept the auxiliary circuit switch assembly

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