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2wire HomePortal Driver

2Wire HomePortal HW Availability: uncommon. FCC approval date: 04 September Country of manuf.: Malaysia. Type: access point. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or telecommunication service provider (telco) provides you with a 2Wire HomePortal. 2Wire HomePortal HG Availability: common. FCC approval date: 29 April Type: access point, dsl modem. FCC ID: PGR2WATHG

2wire HomePortal Driver for PC

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2wire HomePortal Driver

After the hardware setup is complete, you restart your PC, and the HomePortal proceeds to automatically detect and configure your particular broadband service.

You can connect to the HomePortal in any of three ways. The gateway's USB port functions as a network adapter, which lets you connect a computer without an 2wire HomePortal or wireless adapter. You can also connect to the HomePortal via its built-in Once you're connected, a browser-based configuration tool lets you change the HomePortal's settings and access the gateway's features and security options. 2wire HomePortal

2wire HomePortal Treiber Windows XP

The 2Wire HomePortal HW's feature set is similar to that of many routers currently on the market. It does what it does well, but it doesn't offer many extras, such as 2wire HomePortal print server or a repeater mode.

The HomePortal's browser-based configuration screens let you tweak a variety of networking variables, including firewall and 2wire HomePortal remote access features. The gateway automatically configures your network addressing, but you can also change the settings to match your existing LAN. You can also hook up Ethernet, wireless, and phone-line networks all have their advantages.

In addition to the HomePortal W itself, the box 2wire HomePortal a power supply, two software CDs, documentation for Windows and Macintosh systems, a USB cable, an Ethernet cable, and a pair 2wire HomePortal phone cords. There's even a Y adapter so that you can connect both the HomePortal W and a phone or other device to the same wall outlet.

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The HomePortal unit is a fairly bulky piece of equipment, about as large as 2wire HomePortal big-city telephone book or a full-sized dictionary. The styling, calling to mind one of Jane Jetson's kitchen appliances, is eye-catching but not 2wire HomePortal functional. There's no way to stack it horizontally, although its small vertical footprint occupies minimal desk space.

2wire HomePortal Windows 7 64-BIT

Three lights on the front of the unit show the status of electric power, your Internet connection, 2wire HomePortal the home network. Various solid and blinking color combinations warn you of possible connection problems or errors.

2Wire HomePortal W review: 2Wire HomePortal W - CNET

Down-to-earth setup Given the complexity of the networking situation that the device addresses, the instructions are lucid and comprehensive. There are five ways to connect your first computer to the HomePortal W, depending on whether you're using Ethernet, Ethernet with a hub, 2wire HomePortal, USB, or a phone line. Each is illustrated with a wiring diagram and step-by-step instructions. The foldout instruction sheet outlines this procedure briefly--too briefly, in fact.

Once you've done the wiring and powered everything up, run the installation software from the included CD-ROM on each PC that you'll 2wire HomePortal to the network. This installs only the software that lets your computer's network adapter communicate with the HomePortal W; you must have already installed the 2wire HomePortal for the network adapter.

2WIRE HOMEPORTAL Default Router Login and Password

Our HomePortal W arrived 2wire HomePortal for use with our Road Runner cable modem service, using 2wire HomePortal we provided by phone, just as it would be if you bought it through your ISP. According to 2Wire, most users will purchase units from their broadband provider, so they won't have to provide any more settings to reach the Internet than we did, which was essentially zero.

This utility gives you quick and handy access to a number of network tools.

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