3D Prophet II MX Drivers (2019)

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3D Prophet II MX Driver

We use cookies to give you the best experience. If you continue, we'll assume you accept to receive all cookies from our y policy. HERCULES 3D Prophet II MX Version · DOWNLOAD NOW. 15, downloads · Added on: December 2, · Manufacturer: GUILLEMOT/HERCULES. Thanks to the Kyro II chipset, the 3D Prophet avoids this for the price (which is £20 less than Hercules' 64MB GeForce2 MX board), and.

3D Prophet II MX Drivers Windows

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3D Prophet II MX Driver

To work out why this GeForce2 MX card's a good one, but some currently available aren't, you need to know about the three kinds of MX chipset that exist at the moment.

Hercules 3D Prophet II MX Drivers Download - Update Hercules Software

Nvidia are crazy for market segmentation. They like to split their chipsets up into differently clocked versions with different RAM interfaces. The only real difference between the and flavours of MX and the original GeForce2 MX - which is still widely available - is 3D Prophet II MX memory architecture.

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Since nobody makes MX boards with 64 bit SDR RAM, as far as I know, the upshot is that any MX card, at its stock core speed, will give you a little more performance 3D Prophet II MX a plain MX in resolutions up to about the by mark. Though probably not enough to notice. As the resolution climbs further, the and the original MX level off to be practically identical.

Hercules 3d Prophet II MX 32mb AGP VGA Video Card for sale online eBay

There's really not much in it at any resolution, though. If you're choosing between an MX and an MX card with the same amount of RAM, treat them as if they perform the same, because they pretty much do.

3D Prophet II MX Driver FREE

If you're into overclocking, you can run any original MX card at MHz core speed anyway. If the card comes with a lousy cooler on its main chip, or no cooler at all, then higher core speeds may be a problem unless you upgrade the cooler. If the card's got a good enough cooler to handle a small core overclock, though, it's easy 3D Prophet II MX get MX speed out of a plain MX.

3D Prophet II MX Windows 7 64-BIT

The MX does not have much more overclocking headroom than the plain MX; overclock 'em both and the MX will probably still win, but the margin will, once again, be small enough not to really matter. The MX is the low performance GeForce2 variant. Memory speed 3D Prophet II MX a big performance limiting factor for most graphics cards at high resolutions.

Hercules 3D Prophet II MX graphics card - GF2 MX - 64 MB Specs

Halving the memory speed means the MX in by will be working its memory about eight-tenths as hard as an MX or original MX card in by It'll be about as fast as any other MX in bytherefore; it'll start to fall away in byand be embarrassingly slow compared 3D Prophet II MX better-equipped MXes in higher resolutions than that. Why does anybody bother with 3D Prophet II MX MXthen?

Well, it's cheap. So the MX lets manufacturers build computers which they can describe as having "GeForce2 graphics power! Never mind the fact that that "GeForce2 power" isn't actually very powerful at any half-decent resolution; there's a tick in the right box, and that's what matters to the mass market.

If you've got a 17 inch or smaller monitor and thus can't clearly view resolutions above byan MX or MX card will be pretty much as good as a full GeForce2 GTS. The features the MX lacks don't have a big impact on performance, and only in higher resolutions will the DDR memory 3D Prophet II MX the GTS board give it a big advantage.

So the GeForce2 MX is a respectable performer, and good value for 3D Prophet II MX. But there are a pile of other MX and MX options, and you can get original MX cards with TV output and a couple of bundled games for a bit less than the price of the Hercules offering.

It's a close-run thing, though, and the Prophet has a groovy blue circuit board and build quality that's certainly as good as that of any of the smaller Taiwanese names. So this is a perfectly good, workmanlike product; it's just not a big winner.

3D Prophet II MX New

It was never a red-hot sales dynamo for Hercules, but now it's really not attracting much attention. Which isn't fair.

For a start, this is a cheap card. So its list price is GeForce2 MX pricing, and its discounted price is a bargain in anyone's language. The drivers used to be rather dodgy but they're pretty good now.


For general gaming purposes, even at high resolutions, the Kyro II performs as well as, or better than, anything Nvidia can offer, on a bang-per-buck basis. So what's the original Kyro like compared with the Kyro II? Well, it's the same thing, only with a lower clock speed.

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