Drivers for Asus L8400B series Notebook PC

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Asus L8400B series Notebook PC Driver

New Genuine Asus LK LL L LB AC Adapter Charger EXAYH 90W. (0) Sold and shipped by Laptop Parts Canada. seller rating, 9. F5GL Series Notebook PC. Exceptional Performance & Value! Rev 2-Spindle, ” TFT. Compact for Mobility. Specifications. My current setup (ASUS LB - MHz Pentium III processor, 30GB HD and MB RAM; i have a hp tx series tablet w/touchscreen and ive used traktor on it but Personally, why not just get a decent laptop.

Asus L8400B series Notebook PC Windows 8

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Asus L8400B series Notebook PC Driver

Suspend to Disk The Phoenix BIOS Asus L8400B series Notebook PC the ability to suspend the system, save the state of the entire laptop to disk before shutting down the computer. When power is switched on later the saved state will be restored and the computer will resume where it was suspended. Suspend to Disk is activated by pressing Fn-F1. To use the Suspend to Disk feature a special disk partition must be present.

Suspend to Disk works with Linux, but does cause problems with the network adapter. It has no power when the computer is in suspend mode, and loses some internal state.

Asus L8400B series Notebook PC Driver for Windows Download

After the system is resumed any net activity will cause a large number of error messages. The solution is to disable networking before suspend and re-enable it after the system is resumed.

This is done thrugh the event handler script of apmd 8. It will stop the network on suspend and standby events and restart it on resume events. I know of no way to have the system go into suspend mode when the lid is closed.

It should be possible, though. Automatic power down Normally the laptop will reboot then Ctrl-Alt-Del is pressed. The turn off power the power switch on the front must be pressed to the right for a few seconds. I know of no way to have the system shut down when the lid is closed. If this is not enough, add the command hdparm -S 72 to your startup scripts -S 72 makes the disk spin down in 6 minutes, Asus L8400B series Notebook PC hdparm 8 for detail on the number. To actually get the disk to spin down you have to avoid regular disk access when the laptop is not in active use.

Some daemons will regularly read or Asus L8400B series Notebook PC files and these programs must then be avoided. Also watch out for cron jobs run with very short intervals.

Asus L8400B User Manual

Some distributions have several crontabs. Exim is a good choice, as it can use inetd for incoming mail i.

Asus L8400B series Notebook PC Windows 8 X64

This Asus L8400B series Notebook PC screen would pass any manufacturer's tests with flying colours - it had a couple of mildly stuck-on subpixels, but that was all I could see. Since this is a review machine, though, it Asus L8400B series Notebook PC or may not be representative of the average panel quality. Note - since the L, like many laptops of conventional design, uses a teeny pin-actuated switch to tell it when the lid's closed and it can turn off its display, you can put a bit of tape over said switch, or if you're really mean just glue it down, and the laptop will turn its screen off forever.

Battery for ASUS L : TV

I leave applications of this technique as an exercise for the reader. If you're into 3D games Asus L8400B series Notebook PC like the idea of getting a super-portable laptop game machine, you'll be acutely aware that most laptop video adapters are miserably slow for anything but 2D graphics. This is changing, though. Nvidia's got a new mobile chipset, the GeForce2 Goand ATI's promised a mobile version of their Radeon as well; either of these chipsets should give future laptops solid by 3D performance.

The laptop's 3D benchmarks weren't exciting, but neither were they rubbish.

You can play 3D games on this thing. The default 3DMark benchmark runs in by16 bit colour, which is on the high side for the Savage MX. Dropping to by kicked the score up towhich puts the little machine somewhere between TNT2 Model 64 M64 and 3dfx Voodoo 3 performance in by Still not fast, but playable enough. In Quake 2 - still a good benchmark for OpenGL game performance - the L managed about 20 frames per second for just about any speed-test demo in by16 bit colour.

That's all the graphics adapter can display; Asus L8400B series Notebook PC CPU's fast enough to push the polygons more rapidly, but you just can't get any more frames per second onto the screen in that resolution. In bythe frame rates Asus L8400B series Notebook PC still limited by the graphics card, though not as obviously; for the light-load demo2, hectic-deathmatch massive1 and worst-case-scenario crusher demos, the laptop managed 49, 45 and 41 frames per second, respectively.

Asus L C (PIII) Laptop RAM Memory Upgrades

Which is quite fast enough for a fun game. Dropping all the way to chunky-vision by mode gave 84, 67 and 48 frames per second for the three test demos. This resolution's really only any good for people who feel nostalgic about Doom, but it's feasible if you fell like setting up your laptop as a high-frame-rate lightshow machine, playing MP3s and displaying something pretty like Winamp 's Advanced Visualization Studio on your big screen TV, projector or what have you.

The graphics adapter does old-fashioned ugly pixel-doubling to scale up lower than by resolutions to full screen mode. Better LCD display adapters try to anti-alias scaled-up video, smoothing out the unsightly scaling artefacts, but the LB doesn't bother. This is significant if you want to use the laptop as a mobile gaming box; you'll only get decent Asus L8400B series Notebook PC performance in by or, maybe, byand in those modes Asus L8400B series Notebook PC LCD display ain't pretty.

But if there's an ordinary monitor handy, you can of course use that instead.

Asus L8400B series Notebook PC Driver for Mac

Well, it is, but it isn't.

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